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Questions to Ask When Searching for In Home Non-Medical Supportive Care

Q: Do you have a care consultant that can meet the family to explain the different services Right At Home provides?

A: Yes. Right At Home will schedule a “NO – FEE” consultation to the home or facility to introduce the client and/or family to our company and all of the different services Right At Home can provide. We can assist with a recommended plan of care and care schedule if needed. Right At Home can also assist with other resources that may be available in the community.

Q: Do you have a nurse on staff that helps supervise the care being provided by the caregivers?

A: Yes. Right At Home has a nurse available for consultations with medical questions that may arise concerning client’s care. Our Director of Home care and the Service Coordinators are also responsible for supervising the care being provided.

Q: Do you have a minimum of hours that I use per shift?

A: Yes. Many agencies require a 4 hour minimum per shift but Right At Home only requires a 3 hour minimum. There are often times we can accommodate a 2 hour minimum or a “visit”. A visit is approximately 1 hour. This can be discussed during the consultation.

Q: Do you have personnel available on call 24 hours 7 days a week for emergencies?

A: Yes. Our core office hours are 8 am to 5 pm. After 5 pm, our On- Call Coordinator is directly available to handle any emergencies/situations and answer any questions that may arise. Most agencies are not available after hours or do not respond, but Right At Home is available 24/7.

Q: Can I start/stop or change my scheduled services at any time?

A: Yes. Right at Home is extremely flexible and easy to work with. We can adjust quickly to our client’s needs or end services as quick as we started without any type of cancellation fee.

Q: Am I allowed to change caregivers for any reason?

A: Yes. Right At Home strives to match our employee’s personalities and abilities to the client’s personalities and needs. If for whatever reason it is not a good match, Right At Home can make the necessary changes. We realize our clients must feel comfortable in their homes.

Q: Do you perform background checks on your employees?

A: Yes. Right at Home’s Human Resource department performs several checks on their employees prior to being hired. Criminal background checks, drug tests, motor vehicle checks, previous employment and reference checks are just to name a few. There are several other hiring measures taken to ensure Right At Home hires quality staff.

What happens if my caregiver is injured while working in my home?

A: Right At Home does NOT subcontract their employees. All employees are W-2 and are covered by worker’s compensation, unemployment, liability insurance and are fully bonded. Do not work with any company that does not use this business model or you may be liable!

Q: What happens if the aide does not arrive at the schedule time?

A: Right At Home has invested in technology called Telephony. This allows the caregiver to click-in remotely using a toll free number. This allows Right At Home to know if the aide is on time or late. This is monitored hourly by the main office through our web-based software. If there is an issue, the client’s assigned Service Coordinator resolves it very quickly. There is no extra fee for this service.

Q: What type of training do the staff members have?

A: Right At Home hires experienced caring home health aides. Not only do aides come to us with a variety of different skills, but they also receive training from Right At Home University and the Institute of Professional Education. This is a web based on-line training school that provides continuing education in several areas related to in-home care. With over 450 plus education modules, this helps our employees to not only keep current with their skills, but develop new skills relating to in-home care.

Q: Do you provide supervisory visits to the home to check the quality of the care being provided?

A: Yes. Right At Home does provide supervisory visits to the home to ensure the care provided matches the plan of care and to make certain the client is satisfied. This is monitored by Right At Home Service Coordinators and the Director of Homecare and reported to the local company owners.

Q: If there is bad weather will someone make it out to check on the safety of the client?

A: Yes. Right At Home will do everything possible to have an aide go to the client’s home to check on their safety and provide service. Calls to the client and or family can also be placed to check on the client and the appropriate measures will be taken.

Q: Can I use your agency part-time or as a “fill-in” if my family or friends cannot help?

A: Yes.  Private pay clients are allowed to set their schedules in such a way that care is provided when needed. In the event that a friend or family member cannot provide care, Right At Home can cover these times. **Call now to ask additional questions or for an in- home no-fee consultation 810-232-2433. Thank you for your consideration. 


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