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Our Caregivers Make the Difference

At Right at Home Glendale/Burbank, our Caregivers are the heart of our business in providing the right care to fulfill our mission of "improving the quality of life for those we serve". 

Meghan McHone Caregiver of the Year for Right at Home Glendale/Burbank

Mrs. Megan McHone - Caregiver of the Year 2018

Megan is actually on her second tour of duty with Right at Home. She originally worked with Right at Home for a couple of years beginning in 2011 and then had to leave us to help take care of an ailing family member. When she contacted us in 2016 and said she'd like to return, we were thrilled to have her back and knew that whatever client she was placed with, they would like and her work would be exceptional. And that has proven to be the case. Megan is not your typical care aide, and I mean that with no disrespect towards anyone, but she's highly educated and creative and didn't come to us at first with a caregiving background. But we were so impressed with her professionalism, sincerity and earnestness that we decided to give her a chance and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. From taking on short 2 hour shifts that many care aides would decline to taking on longer shifts with more difficult clients, Megan has a light and friendly demeanor that makes her extremely popular. She never seems to get frustrated or lose her temper nor is any case too big or too small for her. She is beyond reliable and her performance is never short of top-notch.

Clients Adore Her

Megan's clients adore her. They don't merely like her….they don't merely trust her…they absolutely revere her. One client did something I can never recall any other client doing in almost 11 years of owning this business. Megan had been working with her periodically, only about 2 or 3 times per month, primarily running errands for her. So one day, out of the blue, the client calls me up and states, "I want to give Megan a $50 bonus. Please put it on my next invoice and make sure she gets the money. She's just great and deserves it." Another client, an ex-executive at a film studio, revolves her schedule around Megan's reliability because, "I can trust her and I can talk to her." Yet another client, who had been churning through care aides to such an extent that it actually created a riff between her and her daughter, hasn't had a new care aide in 2 years since Megan became her aide. She single-handedly calmed that difficult case down. Megan has the magic touch.

Everyone loves Megan. Our clients and office staff both.

Caregiver Training Up to Date

Megan has attended more training In-Services than any other care aide we have. She met her "4-per year" Right at Home In-Service trainings in 3 months! We offer 1 to 2 trainings a month. Getting her state mandated training is never an issue. She continuously embraces new learning opportunities, participates with zest and makes these sessions better by asking informed and educated questions. Her skill sets have improved so much in 6 years, from someone who we felt we could only put on cases that required driving and meal prep to taking on personal care and more challenging cases. Her willingness to go out of her way to learn and improve herself is a big reason for this.

Ellen Antler

Ms. Ellen Antler ("Irreplaceable Ellen") - Caregiver of the Year 2017

Ms. Ellen Antler has been with the Right at Home Glendale and Burbank team since June of 2014. She was nominated for the Right at Home Corporate Caregiver of the Year program for 2017.

Ellen works with two primary clients – a woman in her 90's in terrific physical condition for her age but battling dementia; and another woman in her 90's who is still mentally sharp, but physically declining. Ellen handles these two polar opposite cases with such self-confidence. With the woman with dementia, Ellen keeps her safe, keeps her house clean, maintains her nutrition and has built a bond of trust so strong that her daughter calls Ellen "indispensable." With her other client, she works a split shift on Saturday, making sure breakfast and dinner are made, assisting her with getting ready in the morning and at night to playing a mean game of scrabble with her. When Ellen was out, one client's daughter said that while the replacement aides were fine, there was only "one Ellen" and that she was "irreplaceable." Ellen's ability to relate to her clients while also providing them Grade A care is a rare and highly valuable skill and it does not go unnoticed or underappreciated.

Caregiver Training

Ellen has always stayed on top of California state mandated training requirements along with additional Right at Home required training. She was the first caregiver – after implementation of the new state caregiver certification process implemented in 2016 to actively ask what extra training she could take to improve her skill sets. Ellen recognizes the need for continuing professional development and is always easy to work with when it comes to increasing training or maintaining certifications.

Respected and Prepared

Ellen is extremely popular and well respected among the office staff. Her high performance combined with her consistent reliability has made her someone that can be trusted, but her always-pleasant personality makes her someone the staff is never hesitant to speak with. More times than not, when extra care notes are needed or gloves need to be supplied, Ellen doesn't just leave a message and say "we need these drop them off," but rather stops in the office and says "I wanted to save you the trip, can I pick some care notes and gloves up." The same is true with her other care aides. When an aide recently misplaced a sweater at a client's home that Ellen also worked with, Ellen went out of her way to search and find the missing article of clothing so it could be returned. She's just an extremely nice person.

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