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Right at Home Grand Junction, CO is Committed to Providing Quality Home Care

Caregiver Offering Companionship to Senior

We feel that customer satisfaction is a strong indication of the overall health of our organization and it demonstrates the excellence of our care staff’s training, and ability to provide the right care the right way.

We strive to match our caregivers to our clients needs, likes, and dislikes. We diligently communicate with our clients and their family members to keep them abreast of changes in care or health status. We strive to be proactive in their care to help our clients live better and healthier lives safe in their own home.

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Smiling Caregiver

Read what our clients have to say:

"She would do a lot of transfers and help guide exercising. She would do some mild housekeeping as well. She would prepare lunch and read to her." - Kathleen

"She made James smile, which is a good thing. She showed compassion through her tone of voice and the questions she asked."

"I appreciate that my caregivers does a good job and they come when I want them to. I think that David, the owner, has a lot to do with that. He seems to know what I need." - Carole

"She brought movies that they could watch together to pass the time. She had a willingness to do things and had a nice tone of voice. She would have nice conversations." - Kathleen

"It makes things a lot easier because the caregiver makes it so I have time to do other things." - Charles

"They are extremely pleasant. If we have a question, they will answer it with a smile." - Terry

"Vicky peeled apples for me so we could make a pie." - Deanna

"I have Susan and she's the best. She always shows up on time, she's very courteous, and she does her job well. Her conduct is perfect." - Wayne

"I am very satisfied with them. Sometimes they ask me if they can throw stuff away that I have had for a long time and I pitch it. They also always ask me how I am doing when they come in." - Ralph

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