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Furry Companions Provide Comfort for Seniors

Pet Therapy Dogs - Bella and EmmaRight at Home of Grand Rapids & Kent County is honored to have a pet therapy program, taking a unique approach to comforting seniors in their homes.

Our office prides ourselves on offering the best human companionship services for Grand Rapids & Kent County seniors. Bella and Emma the therapy dogs help provide seniors with companion caring. The two love to visit people, be touched, patted and are safe for all environments. 

Trained to Provide Affection and Comfort to Individuals in Need

 Bella and Emma are trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes and to people with learning difficulties. Interested in meeting these two dolls?

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Research Findings for Animal-Assisted Therapy

Psychology Today's article on Pet Therapy talks about University of Missouri-Columbia's research and results of pet interaction with aging adults as well as people coping with depression and stress-related disorders.
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UCLA Health offers research findings on Pet Therapy for hospitalized patients, children with autism, dementia therapy, anxiety and improving health of heart failure patients.  
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Read the story of Viola, the yellow Labrador who visits the Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health.
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National Center for Health Research explains the impact Pet Therapy/Animal-Assisted Therapy has on physical health, emotional development, and how human-animal interaction influences our health.
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More research on how Pet Therapy helps the elderly.
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