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We Are Here for You - #BeEssential

During these trying times, Right at Home Greater Fairfield County wants to help and support you. We want to provide you with the opportunity to serve a population who needs you right now. #BeEssential as a Right at Home companion/homemaker! We stand prepared to equip you with the right protection and are ready to assist as you provide in home care for seniors and adults with disabilities.  The need for companions to work with COVID-19 positive clients at home and in facilities is great, and we need your help to be able to continue to meet the needs throughout Fairfield County and the Greater Southbury, CT area.  

In this role, you will have the chance to:

  • Give back to those who need you most
  • Earn competitive pay
  • Make a difference
  • Receive paid training
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Our office is ready to serve your needs. We want to offer you a job that you can count on in this time of uncertainty. Being a companion requires someone with a huge heart because seniors and adults with disabilities & special needs, need all the love you can give. Hours are flexible and we are eager to discuss a schedule that works best for you because we know times are tough. Apply online here or give us a call at Greater Fairfield County to accept a role that will make a difference to those we serve.

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Providing Home Care For People Is What We Do Best

Our companions and staff are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread rapidly throughout our community. They are putting themselves in the path of this virus and are rising to the occasion to provide home care for our most vulnerable population.

To our in home caregiver companions, we want to say thank you for the sacrifices you make every day. Your dedication and courage deserve our deepest gratitude.

Right at Home of Greater Fairfield County's #BeEssential Angels

One of the first, significant, COVID-19 outbreaks in CT was in a large assisted living in the territory of Right at Home of Greater Fairfield County (RAHFFC). Before the coronavirus outbreak in the facility was realized, it had spread to many residents and their staff. Seemingly overnight, the situation became extremely urgent and serious.

RAHFFC already had many cases with this facility, over many years, so when the increasingly urgent situation exploded, the Director of the facility reached out to owners Tim and Lisa Randall to request that MANY of our trained caregivers come in to care for the COVID-19 clients, as staff relief and as additional support. The RAHFFC office staff approached many of our more experienced caregivers and asked if they would be willing to work on the new frontline of coronavirus, at this facility, and many of the caregivers quickly agreed.

Right at Home of Greater Fairfield County quickly gathered as much urgent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), for these and all of their caregivers, as well as many educational materials about the growing COVID-19 virus, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and much more. Not only did RAHFFC provide a lot of education, this facility’s nurses also provided in depth education for the Right at Home staff coming in to help.

Because there were so many infected residents and missing facility staff, the number of RAHFFC caregivers continued to grow. There began to be PPE shortages, so RAHFFC sought out every bit of PPE equipment they could find, as fast as possible. The facility also began really stepping up efforts to gather enough PPE for their working staff and Right at Home’s caregivers.

It should be noted that these 12 brave Right at Home of Greater Fairfield County caregivers were like “Caregivers With Wings,” kind of functioning like angels to these many sick residents, all the while returning regularly, to help these people, in their time of need, while putting themselves at risk of getting COVID-19.

“I am so appreciative and proud of the work our caregivers have done at this facility,” said Ann Evans, Human Resources Manager for Right at Home of Greater Fairfield County. “They have proved to be invaluable in a difficult situation during a tumultuous time and have risen to the occasion.”

Right at Home of Greater Fairfield County’s COVID-19 ESSENTIAL ANGELS are:

  • Kamil Akhtar
  • Sladgy (Jade) Amazan
  • NeNe Andrada
  • Orlanda Austin-Strong
  • Lovette Harris-Wallace
  • Promise Mazibuko
  • Khulekani Mhlongo (Q)
  • Kagiso (Keith) Motshabi
  • Julia Restrepo Marin
  • Janice Slocum
  • Shonda Upchurch
  • Jennifer White

These selfless individuals often went beyond their shifts and covered for each other when needed, so no one went without care. Some of the feedback from the caregivers is as follows:

“It’s very rewarding.”

“You barely stop all day, but the clients need us and that makes it worth it.”

“My coworkers and I have bonded together to do a good job.”

The caregivers have worked at the facility for the past month and they are slated to stay through the end of April and beyond, as facility’s current staff is able to return to work. All caregivers asked agreed that they know their role here is important during this uncertain time and they are happy to have been able to contribute by helping those in need.

We Asked These Angels Why They Decided To Work With COVID-19 Patients

Janice Slocum -- "Working with clients was wonderful. l believe that l could help them get better or feel better and there was a shortage of workers because of the coronavirus."

Kagiso Keith Motshabi -- "I chose to work with COVID19 positive clients because, for me it felt like it was the right thing to do helping the elderly, for it is a great honor in whatever condition they are in, but when they are infected with Covid-19, it’s different, they need us more than ever, so it’s a great feeling that I’m able to help the elderly and I will do so till this pandemic is all figured out and finished. Thank you."

“As owners, Tim and I were in awe of the amazing job and bravery that these 12 caregivers as they bravely served on our local COVID-19 frontline. We are also so proud of all of our office staff and caregivers who have continued to step up, as ESSENTIAL WORKERS, to meet the many needs of our clients. We salute all of them,” says owner Lisa Randall


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