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Owners of Right at Home Greater Fairfield County

"Our names are Tim and Lisa Randall, and we are husband and wife, and the owners/operators of Right at Home of Greater Fairfield County. Our business was formerly Right at Home of Greater Danbury, but to meet growing demands, we recently expanded that business to encompass a much larger area, serving a major portion of Fairfield County, as well as neighboring towns in New Haven and Litchfield Counties."

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Tim Randall
Lisa Randall 

Tim Randall

Tim is a life-long Connecticut resident, growing up in Stamford and has lived (with Lisa and their two sons) in Trumbull for the past 15 years. Tim’s mother, Enid, was actively involved in the local Meals on Wheels, and Tim often spent hours delivering meals to clients in need.  His father, Robert, passed away from a heart attack in 1982. In the years leading up to that, his father had suffered from heart disease and required by-pass surgery.

His First Hand Experience 

Tim experienced, first-hand, the ongoing care and long-recovery-process his father required. This was a life-changing event for him, and made Tim more sympathetic to what other individuals, and their families, dealing with heart disease, go through.

Tim's Education and Experience 

Tim attended American International College, graduating with a B.A. in Economics. He spent 25 successful years in investment banking in New York City.  This service-oriented background provided him with the skills needed to provide prompt response times and exceptional customer service.

Lisa Mittleman Randall

Lisa was raised in family-oriented Milford, CT, and loved living there. Even at a young age, she enjoyed volunteering her time with all sorts of service activities, like working with young children at her old elementary school; Special Olympics, and beyond.

Lisa's Education and Experience

She attended the University of Connecticut in Storrs, graduating with a B.A. in psychology. Connecting with people, and feeling strong empathy to them, has always come naturally to her. In college, she volunteered at two psychiatric hospitals, a local tutoring program in Hartford, CT, etc.  After graduating, Lisa volunteered, for a time, as a Girl Scout leader in Milford, got involved in all types of volunteer activities with the Trumbull, CT Newcomers’ Club, the Cub Scouts, the local PTA, etc.

She worked for many years in corporate communications, at companies like Citizens Utilities Company in Stamford, CT and New York Power Authority in White Plains, NY. When her children were young, she took off time to be a full-time mother. Then, because she loved working with people, spent the next nine years working as a substitute teacher in Monroe, CT.  In this capacity, while filling in for teachers and staff in grades pre-K  through 8th , Lisa was comfortable working in all kinds of learning environments, and with all sorts of children, including those with learning and/or behavioral challenges.

Certified Senior Advisor

Lisa is a Certified Senior Advisor as well as a Certified Trainer. The Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® is the leading certification for those serving seniors, and is a designation awarded to qualified individuals. Earning the CSA certification requires individuals to pass a rigorous exam and to uphold the highest ethical standards for the benefit and protection of the dignity and welfare of seniors.

Lisa is a CARES® Specialist™ through HealthCare Interactive. This credentialing program teaches professionals about connecting with those with memory loss. Earning this credential requires passing a rigorous exam after completing several online training programs.

Her Personal Loss 

Lisa’s beloved father, Albert, died in 2010. Her 83-year-old dad, overnight, went paralyzed from the chest down, due to a tumor on his spine. Medical professionals tried to treat him with radiation, which was unsuccessful. They proposed sending him to hospice, which he did not want. He sought to go home, but could only do this with the daily support of certified nursing assistants (CNAs), who came morning and night to care for him. Lisa spent a lot of time with her dad, during this time, and saw the difference these caregivers made in his life, giving him the dignity to live out his last days at home, the way he wanted. She was also struck by the level of dedication possessed by most of the CNAs, and that many felt like this work was their life’s purpose. She also saw the extreme burden that was placed on her mother Alma, who was older herself, in caring for her husband. While Alma was there for Albert, at every stage, she knew that she could not lift him in and out of bed, or provide him with many other types of needed CNA care. After her father passed away, Lisa decided she needed to find some way to give back.

What Inspired Them to Become Home Care Providers

tim and lisa randall

"Tim and I had long talked about going into a business together. When we felt the time was right to start a second career, we decided to look for a business that would be value added, and could make a difference in people’s lives."

"Besides dealing with the previously mentioned issues with our parents, we also had been exposed to other family members that were dealing with senior care issues, as well as some younger friends who were not seniors, but also had severe medical issues requiring a lot of hospital and home care. So, we decided to focus our efforts on finding a home and companion care business, and looked for a company whose ideals met out own. We found that with Right at Home."

"We are proud members of AARP, the CT Alzheimer’s Association,  the National Private Duty Association, and the Greater Bridgeport, Greater Danbury, Newtown, Monroe, Fairfield, and Trumbull Chambers of Commerce. We are also members of the Greater Bridgeport Elder Services Council (GBESC). Lisa is serving as member of the Northwestern Region (CT) Walk to End Alzheimer's planning committee."

- Lisa Randall

Proud Members of:

Trumbull Community Women Fairfield Network of Executive WomenNewtown Chamber Trumbull Chamber Monroe Chamber of Commerce member westport-weston chamber of commerce
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