Working From Home: The Good, The Ugly, The Surprise

Not Alone

Amy Kuk
Office Coordinator (Oncology)
Ascension St. John

1. Describe what you do and who you work for. 

I work for Ascension St. John and have been here for 10 years. My job title is Office Coordinator. I support Oncology offices on our EMR, and I am the point contact person.

Amy Kuk Home Work Station

Earl Grey with milk and honey (every day), my daily half a bag of cheese puffs
& Beats for phone conferences. The modern office!

2. How does it feel working from home, what is your daily routine like now?

Working from home has its good and bad’s. Route is completely different. I’m used to getting myself and two kid ready in the morning to leave for work and school.

3. What is the most challenging aspect of working from home?

Keeping a four year old and 19 month old occupied long enough for me to work!

4. What is the biggest positive change since you've started working from home?

Spending more time with the kids.

5. When things go back to "normal", how do you hope this period of working from home will change the way we work.

I hope this will make people realize how privileged we really are. Life is beautiful.

B. Grunewald
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