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We are blessed with passionate caregivers who have a great deal of experience working with seniors, chronically and terminally ill patients.

George Dzimiri, Owner & Chaplain

George DzmiriGeorge the administrator and owner of Right at Home Hemet and Sun City is a caregiver with over 20 years of experience. Grieving families, patients, clients and the sick have leaned on the shoulders of George seeking comfort, peace and calm.  Those shoulders have felt tears of joy, hope, sadness and relief from the countless individuals he has served. George is an ordained minister who spent much of his career at the bed side of hospital patients, in hospice programs visiting ailing seniors and the terminally ill in their homes and nursing facilities,  and providing emotional, spiritual and psychological support to frightened and grieving families.  Chaplain George works with caregivers and management personnel from different hospices, nursing facilities, palliative programs and hospitals providing spiritual support in order for employees to remain focused on providing compassionate medical care. 

George believes compassion is the driving force behind everything that able bodied people can do for vulnerable individuals. Without compassion our senior populations, the vulnerable members of society  will not enjoy dignity, respect and the independence they deserve. As such George emphasizes compassion, humility and respect as virtues that determine effective care to our clients and their families.

As a spiritual caregiver George wants  to see the seniors and the vulnerable adults retain their independence with the help of a caregiver as well as a sense of joy and meaning in their lives. The team at Right at Home Hemet & Sun City will apply our years of caregiving experience to secure your dignity, respect and independence at home.

Andrew Dalton, Community Liaison

Andrew-RAH- Hemet

As the Community Liaison for Right at Home Hemet Andrew has previous experience in the medical field working specifically in the In Home Care industry. He has a rich knowledge of resources to help our senior community with any and all questions they may have. He is also an excellent event organizer and has held many fun events to help educate our community on issues faced by seniors. He enjoys working with people and helping to provide the best possible care for our senior community. Andrew is originally from South Africa and the only thing he enjoys more than his job educating the community is spending time with his family. 

Ashley Perry, Client Care & Staffing Coordinator

Ashley - RAH - Hemet

Ashley has been working in the medical field since she was sixteen. She has worked with a wide variety of patients and  her previous experience  includes being a Certified Nursing Assistant, a Home Health Aide, A Phlebotomist, A Phlebotomy supervisor and most recently a member of a problem resolution team for a leading lab company. Throughout her experience in the medical field her fondest time was when she was working with the elderly. It was where she felt she was doing the most good and where she was needed the most, which is what led her to right at home.  She enjoys talking to the clients on the phone and matching them with the best caregiver possible.  When she is not working Ashley enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family. 

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