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Right at Home Henderson has some of the best caregivers in the industry! We take pride in recognizing individuals who continually go above and beyond to serve those they care for and to work as a team with the Right at Home staff. Each quarter we award a caregiver on our team who has been noticed providing the highest quality of care for the clients they serve and who has met or exceeded the expectations of the office staff. For caregivers to be considered, they must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Be with the company for at least 6 months
  • Been assigned to at least 2 clients
  • Have no negative feedback from clients
  • Work at least 20 hours per week
  • Have a maximum of 2 call-offs and 0 late-notice call offs in last 30 days
  • Have 0 No-Call/No-Show incidents in the last year
  • Have good communication with office including general comments, change in condition and respond to requests
  • Have credentials in good standing
  • Have no Code of Conduct violations in the last year

We look forward to recognizing the very best of our team in the coming quarters! Award winners will be honored with an announcement to their peers, have their picture displayed in the office and they will also receive a gift and monetary award. In addition, quarterly winners will be considered for the Right at Home system-wide Caregiver of the Year Award. Thank you for all you do to “Improve the quality of life for those we serve”. 

Caregiver of the Quarter

Michelle Eber Caregiver

2019 2nd Quarter - Michele Eber

We’d like to announce the most recent winner of the – Caregiver of the Quarter Award!

Michele started working with Right at Home in 2017 and has been a vital part of our organization ever since. Michele works with 2 longtime clients of Right at Home and is a terrific representative of our company. Michele is an experienced, knowledgeable caregiver who knows how to work independently while still maintaining her role as part of the Right at Home team. Michele is competent, compassionate and reliable. Michele can be counted on to complete insurance requirements through clocking in and out and completing her tasks in Clear Care. She is loved by all those she works with and is an excellent example of our mission “to improve the quality of life for those we serve.” Thank you Michele! You are a blessing to Right at Home and to your clients.

Michele grew up in New York City and moved to Las Vegas in 1986. She was the primary caregiver for each of her parents during their final years and during those times she witnessed and experienced the joy and relief that good caregivers provided. (The caregivers she met had been primarily provided by hospice but I also witnessed countless interactions between my parents and their caregivers over the years in various medical settings.) After her mom died in 2013, all she could think about (as far as future employment was concerned) was becoming a "caregiver" myself.

She started working as a caregiver in April, 2014 and never looked back.

Michele told us, "I have numerous "favorite" things about being a Caregiver. I love earning the smiles and trust of initially reluctant clients. I love how at the end of each day I genuinely feel that I have made a useful and important contribution to someone else's day, however simple any given task might be (hope that doesn't sound too corny....). I am frequently blown away by the depth of my clients' -- and their families' -- gratitude and appreciation. I am inspired by the ways in which my clients (and their families) have made peace with their various situations; In a way, I think this job allows me to see the best of people at their hardest of times. I feel lucky to be doing this work."

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