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2021 Caregiver of the Year, Miriam DeFrancesco

miriam hot springs village caregiver of the year 2020

Right at Home of Hot Springs Village is proud to announce our 2021 Caregiver of the Year! This year, Miriam DeFrancesco of Hot Springs was our unanimous choice. Miriam has been with Right at Home since December 2014. She has worked professionally as a caregiver for over 25 years.

Miriam was born in California. She has lived a very exciting life in Washington, Texas, Oklahoma and of course, Arkansas. She is the mother of three, the grandmother of six and the great grandmother of eight.

Miriam’s first caregiving experience was with her late husband who she cared for until his passing. Miriam has been a business owner, and manager for many other businesses. She has previously worked for three other care companies. Caregiving is her passion! She goes above and beyond for every client she has served with Right at Home. Her kind heart and sunny disposition makes her a joy to be around.

One of her current clients says, ““Miriam is a wonderful girl. She does everything right! She fixes my meals on time and is a good cook. She is just a wonderful person.”

Client’s sister says, ““Miriam is a one-of-a-kind caregiver. She is always trying to make things better for my sister. She not only comes to work and takes care of all her needs, but she is always thinking of how to make her life better. She is more like family than an employee.”

Miriam’s interests are gardening, watching movies and playing with her grandkids and great grandkids. She loves interacting with clients and making them more comfortable physically and mentally. A truly good day for her is when she can get her client out for a drive or lunch and see them smiling.

The office staff loves Miriam’s positive outlook on life. She exclaims, “Although I fight Chron’s disease and arthritis daily, I’m so grateful for my clients and the amazing team at Right at Home! With God’s help I plan on working till I am at least 90 years old. I refuse to sit at home concentrating on my aches and pains.”

Miriam is a blessing to us and her clients and we are proud to name her our 2021 caregiver of the year.

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2020 Caregiver of the Year: Becky Warren

Caregiver of the Year Becky Warren

Right at Home of Central Arkansas is pleased to announce Becky Warren as their 2020 Caregiver of the Year. Becky of Hot Springs was the unanimous choice of the Right at Home staff this year.

Becky exemplifies in every way what a caregiver should be. She goes over and above for her client and their family making every effort to make the life and everyday moments of her client better. Becky studies up constantly on new methods to help her client with dementia. Becky leads our team in providing care for her client. The client???s family constantly rave about the great caregiver they have. She even demonstrated her devotion to her client by renting a house right across the street, just so she could be available to the family when needed.

Becky is married and is a long time resident of the area. She takes a lot of pride in her 2 dogs. She also enjoys painting and spending time at Garvin Gardens.

Becky is an awesome team member and we are glad to present her as our 2020 caregiver of the year!

2019 Caregiver of the Year: Dave Johnston

Caregiver of the Year Dave Johnston

Right at Home is excited to announce their third Caregiver of the Year award. Dave Johnston of Hot Springs Village is the 2019 Caregiver of the Year.

Dave’s background includes a successful career in Civil Service. He served in Texas, Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas. Before starting with Right at Home, Dave was the General Manager for the Hot Springs Village POA. He worked in that role for 15 years.

Dave it the husband of Linda, and the father of three grown children. In his spare time Dave is involved with his church, enjoys playing the piano and playing tennis.

Dave started working with Right at Home in June of 2014. He has proved to be an invaluable part of our team. Dave is a "salt of the earth" type of guy. Very reliable, dependable and trustworthy in every way. His clients love him and ask for him by name. Dave has worked for us in many capacities and is a favorite among our staff. He has a great work ethic.

Dave has a huge impact on all of his clients. This past year he had one client whom he helped through the entire moving process as she needed to get closer to family. He helped her with finances, selling her home, buying a new vehicle and caring for her needs during the process. She commented, "I could never have done it without Dave. I will forever be indebted to him."

Dave is a team player. He has a great personality and has worked on many 24/7 cases where he interacted with other caregivers. He has a selfless attitude and always thinks the best of others. He never turns down a shift if he can possibly take it. He is our "go to" caregiver! He has a curious and interested mind. He loves to learn new things and is always seeking to improve himself to be an even better caregiver. He is a great example to all our other caregivers!

Congratulations Dave to this well-deserved honor!

2018 Caregiver of the Year: Janice Wood

Caregiver of the Year Janice WoodRight at Home is proud to announce their second annual Caregiver of the Year award. Janice Wood, of Hot Springs Village, is the Right at Home Caregiver of the Year for 2018! Her career with Right at Home began in September of 2015.

Janice is a retired nurse who loves to stay busy and care for people. She has a winsome personality and a compassionate heart for our seniors. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Her clients love her and so does the office staff. Janice is a favorite as she is always willing to help where needed.

Janice was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. She went to nursing school there and then ventured out into the world! She has lived in Newfoundland, Knoxville, Dallas, Atlanta, Virginia Beach, Washington and even the Middle East!

Janice boasts of two daughters and six grandchildren! She is an avid gardener and enjoys Mosaic art, jewelry making and painting. She has volunteered throughout her life at various animal shelters and sanctuaries. She loves cats!

Janice practiced nursing in many different capacities before retiring but her favorite was in coronary care. She is a lifetime learner and continues to further her education through our Right at Home University. Janice was selected among many other very qualified candidates at Right at Home. Congratulations to Janice for winning this award!

2017 Caregiver of the Year: Katie Blessing

Katie Blessing

Congratulations to Katie Blessing, our second caregiver to reach the five-star level within our Central Arkansas franchise of Right at Home.

Katie began her service with Right at Home just over a year ago after a career as a private caregiver and as a volunteer at a nursing home. She has lived most of her life in Ohio where she also managed a teacher’s store and mitigated customer concerns at a Chase bank.

Katie was born in Kingsport, Tennessee. Her middle name is Deeya which came from a Deeya Cosmetics billboard there. Her undergraduate work was in physical therapy.

Katie has two grown children, Cody and Emma. Cody is a youth pastor and works with autistic kids and is married to Lacie. Emma is a brand new nurse and is married to Kevin. No grandkids yet.

Katie moved to Arkansas a year and a half ago after making several visits to see a childhood friend who had moved to the state.  She enjoys reading, gardening and cooking for family and friends. She loves Kevin Costner movies and listening to music, especially if it’s the Eagles.

Katie lives in a small house on 18 acres. She loves animals and can’t wait to raise chickens.

A current client describes Katie as “a great caregiver. She is simply wonderful.”  We think so too!

Katie has served Right at Home well.  She takes every shift offered, then provides outstanding care.   Katie Blessing has been a real blessing to us.

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