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Others that have been in a similar situation of looking for in-home care for themselves or their loved one have written about their experiences with us. Seeing what they have written about their experience may help you in your search for home care.

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“This service was amazing! So accommodating, helpful and professional. They were always on time. We were not sure with Covid in the world how this would all work, we were pleasantly surprised not 1 issue. The caregiver for my Aunt was very sweet and attentive. Thank you to the staff and we will 100% use your services again.”

"The caregiver that comes for my loved one is very good to him. For me, it alleviates some tension so that I can have some time for my self."

"Their services allow my mom to live in her own home. They have the ability to be flexible and cover as things come up on the fly."

"Millie and Chantel were wonderful! They made mother very comfortable and relaxed. It gave my siblings and I the freedom to prepare for our dad's service. They were always on time and very professional. I gave your info to our Chaplain for future reference. I received a call from Karen Jarvi from A Place For Mom and sang your praises, Scott! If Bob and I are in the Hudson Valley again, we have instant friends! "

"This is the best services we have found after years of trying several others. We have used Right at Home for over a year now for a verity of services. Not only for in home health care, we get help for appointments like Doctors, shopping, special events (Birthday's, Graduation, Family gatherings) By having Right at home services the quality of life has been much better. It allows some independence. I'm so grateful they are there for us. I definitely would recommend them."

"I am an R.N. with my B.S.N. I have been a nurse for thirty-seven years. Everything from open heart ICU to high tech pediatric home care. It is this perspective and experience that I come with when I write this review. I find Right at Home to be highly professional and personalized, tailored care for each of my parents. From the personal touch of meeting the care providers to make sure that each care provider is a good fit for the clients, to the timely response to concerns and questions, Right at Home provides excellent care."

"From the start, our family has been REALLY impressed with the Newburgh Right at Home team. As background, our mom was struggling a little and needed some support during the daylight hours, ensuring she remembered to take her medicines, that she did her exercising, ate nutritious meals, and was careful getting up and down, and also relieving her of the daily housecleaning tasks.

Scott, the owner of the Newburgh Right-at-Home office, did the initial onsite interview with our mom in person (I was on FaceTime), explained their process, ensured our mom’s home wasn’t too cluttered, asked our mom (and us) what SHE wanted in terms of support and companionship. He was personable, polite, explained their fees, had our mom sign some disclosure forms, and genuinely CARED about our elderly mom!

The NEXT interview was with Scott, Deline (the caregivers supervisor), and Jasper (our mom’s actual caregiver). They again asked what support our mom needed (to confirm no new additions) and explained their standard procedure, including a “visit checklist” that would ensure Jasper performed the important tasks each visit and a communications page where we could write down notes (Jasper or us) on things that needed attention.

I live hundreds of miles away, and had been trying to manage our mom’s medical and in-home care, with on-site help from my working brothers and nephews in college, none who were typically at home during the day. I opted to fly in for Jasper’s first week to meet her personally and ensure she had what she needed to be successful.

WOW!! This young woman is thorough, thoughtful, and is quickly becoming a CRITICAL member of our mom’s household!! She has been helping our mom for 3 weeks. In addition to ensuring our mom does her exercises and takes her medicines and BP, Jasper has done a thorough clean of our mom’s bathroom, has changed her linens weekly, has done her laundry, has organized the “out of control” pantry, has cooked our mom several HEALTHY meals, has cleaned the dishes and kitchen, removed the trash... The list goes on and on! In THREE weeks, 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. Oh, and she’s been a lovely companion, playing cards with our mom, when requested.

Deline has contacted us periodically to ask how things are going (great follow-through!), including a call when our mom opted not to tell us that she’d fallen into a door jamb the night before, gashing her arm! Jasper saw the gash, cleaned it carefully, took a photo for me, and we were able to get our mom medical attention before infection could set in. Scott called later that night to ask how our mom was doing. They genuinely CARE about their clients!!

As for rates, our mom is retired and makes “enough” in retirement that she does have to private pay. :( That said, the rates are very reasonable for the services she’s been receiving! Our mom has few expenses beyond her home upkeep, food, heat, electric, internet, and a cellphone, so the rates are low enough that she hasn’t had to dip into savings, which has relieved her quite a bit.

One other great benefit? They have an iPhone app! Jasper uses it to report to my brother and I how things are going. It also indicates hours, activities, and has an online payment option, with detailed invoices. I can’t say enough about Jasper, Deline, and Scott and the other staff (e.g. Teresa in the office). This is the PERFECT solution for our mom. Thank you, Scott, Deline, and especially Jasper, from the bottom of my heart!"
- Jackie, Daughter of Current Client

"I want to thank you for your time, dedication and expertise which made it possible for my mother to live safely and comfortably at home. When I called you one day looking for a caregiver you listened attentively and empathetically. I really felt that you understood and cared. After I spoke with you I felt confident that you could help. You went to work right away to find a caregiver to meet our needs. To my surprise an excellent caregiver was on board very quickly caring for my mother per the schedule we requested. I think that is an amazing turn around time, especially since I have tried other agencies and they could not fulfill our request.

Like most people I want the best for my mom. The caregivers you provide have exceeded our expectations. It is such a comfort and relief when you can count on someone to provide excellent care for someone dear to you. My mom’s caregiver is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, pleasant, ambitious, responsible, kind, energetic and she gets the job done. Now that we have assistance for my mom I see her moving better and I believe she is healthier due to the great care and attention she receives.

When our caregiver went on vacation, it was not a problem. In fact, you introduced us to a backup who trained from our regular caregiver. I did not have to intervene in any way!

Thank you again for your professionalism, dedication and for listening and making our wishes a reality. We truly believe you and your employees go above and beyond! You run an excellent business of outstanding quality!"
- Vickie

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Client Satisfaction Starts with Caregiver Satisfaction

Scott Teresi, Owner of Right at Home Hudson Valley, talks about the importance of client and caregiver satisfaction. With our mission of improving the quality of life for those we serve, it is critical to our team that the mission extends to our caregivers as well. We see our client satisfaction scores tie directly to our caregiver satisfaction scores, and it is important to us that we are bringing value to the lives of our caregivers and our clients.
A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.
A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I would definitely recommend them even though I have not had the care for that long. They have helped me the most by taking me to the store and to the hair dresser. They are going to start taking me to exercise."

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"First of all, the owner of the company will come periodically to check on us and call us every once in a while. He is very easy to work with. The caregiver that comes for my loved one is very good to him. For me, it alleviates some tension so that I can have some time for my self."

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"The level of care that Right at Home has provided for my mom has been outstanding. She has had a primary caregiver plus a few substitutes and they have all been quality people. We have had in home care as well as a travel companion for my son's wedding, and we have always been pleased. The owner is hands on and always available. I highly recommend this company."
Steven L.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I have worked with Right At Home for 9 years. They provide services for my residents. We find their employees to be friendly, courteous and very helpful to our residents and their families. They provide home care that makes our residents feel Right at Home."

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"Right at Home has tailored their care to my Mother's needs and has been extremely adaptive and flexible. The Caregivers are really fantastic. Very patient, friendly, and professional. Scott and the team are always there when you need them, and it makes a huge difference that my mother gets such a high level of quality care."
Logan S.

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