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Published By Linda Spurlock on March 04, 2020

Right at Home of the River Cities and Marshall University School of Nursing Join Forces to Give Students a New and Exciting Community Clinical Experience

In the Fall of 2019, Right at Home of the River Cities was contacted by Tammy Minor, DNP, RN, Assistant Professor at the Marshall University School of Nursing to see if we would be interested in collaborating with the Community Nursing Clinical Experience. Our response was a resounding ABSOLUTELY – based on many reasons; our love for nurses in general, the ability to help these young future nurses get a sense of the many different facets of nursing, and the fact that most of us have an affiliation and an affinity for all things Marshall University. Many of us here at Right at Home of the River Cities are graduates of Marshall and in fact, John Queen (co-owner with wife Cathy who is an RN) and Allen Hager, Founder of Right at Home, are graduates and fraternity brothers from Marshall. Allen eventually moved to Nebraska where he has now developed Right at Home franchises worldwide.

Intern Brittany Burns with Hallie Traylor, our RN SupervisorNursing 421: Community Nursing Clinical Experience has brought Right at Home two amazing students so far. Brittany Burns worked with our RN Supervisor Hallie Traylor in the Fall 2019 semester and Brooke Jackson is working with Hallie for this Spring 2020 semester. Both Brittany and Brooke say the experience has been amazing. Working with Right at Home has given them a side of being a nurse that they never thought about before. The ability to go into peoples homes and care for them one on one is a side of nursing many don’t ever get to experience, it’s certainly different than being in a hospital setting and truly gives you the feeling that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

Intern Brooke Jackson with Hallie Traylor, our RN SupervisorThe students assigned to Right at Home of the River Cities work with Hallie to set up a weekly schedule to meet their clinical objectives. They must dress appropriately, scrubs and their Marshall University ID badge and we give them one of our Right at Home t-shirts to complete their outfit. The students spend six hours each week for 6 weeks with Hallie out in the field, visiting our clients, working on care plans, and observing the nurse-client activities. Assessments and Documentation is another big part of the students’ development in this program and they are required to develop these for at least 2 clients under Hallie’s capable leadership. At the end of the six weeks, their clinical logs are reviewed, and they are given an evaluation by our office to return to their clinical instructor. Evaluations are based on how they demonstrate the nursing process and the competency of nursing skills, their professional manner and appearance, their preparedness and dependability, and whether they are considered to be a health care advocate for the people they’ve worked with.

We are so proud to be associated with this program and look forward to continuing our work with these fantastic students for many years to come. Right at Home of the River Cities is also pursuing possibilities of developing these types of programs with other areas within Marshall University such as Human Resources, Marketing, Business Management. We’d love to continue to find ways to mentor and promote student learning in a real-world setting here in our office and in our community.

“I would like to thank you for participating in the Marshall University NUR 421 Community Nursing. The community experience would not have been possible without your willingness to mentor and teach senior nursing students. Once again, on behalf of the nursing faculty, thank you for your time and effort in providing an atmosphere where excellence is expected and conducted. I hope until we meet again that you find continued blessings in your life." - Tammy Minor, Clinical Faculty liaison for this program

Well Tammy, your students are a blessing to us here at Right at Home of the River Cities.

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