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Karen and Hallie finding stress relief
Published By Linda Spurlock on February 19, 2020

Cathy and Justin finding stress reliefRecently, Right at Home of the River Cities adopted Binx and Jinx, brother and sister and created our very own Stress Management Team.  Linda Spurlock, our HR Director, and her husband Steve, adopted their mommy when she showed up on their doorstep last September.  Living out in the country and loving all animals the way they do, it was an easy decision to keep her.  They named her Pepper – then found out in short order that Pepper was pregnant.  On Saturday, October 5th, Pepper gave birth to 4 healthy babies – 2 boys and 2 girls.  Two months later, Justin Bowen, our Administrative Assistant for Payroll and Billing, wanted to adopt one to keep his other cat, Colby, company.  All 4 kittens were brought to the office so Justin could pick one which he named Kuro.  While at the office everyone else just fell in love with the kittens and Cathy Queen, RN, our owner, decided the office needed two of them to be our new Stress Management Team.  Thus Binx (the boy) and Jinx (the girl) have joined our staff.  And they truly live up to their title – just watching them play or hopping into your lap for a few cuddles certainly takes the stress out of life.  Our caregivers love to come in on Friday for their paycheck, their schedule, and a few minutes of stress relief with one or both kitties.  And what happened to the 4th kitten you might ask – Linda kept her and named her Flash because “now you see her, now she’s gone”.  We’re incredibly lucky to have such a great team here at Right at Home of the River Cities and highly recommend each office get their own Stress Management Team.

Stress Management Team member, BinxMeet our Stress Management Team.  Binx and Jinx.  As you can see from the pictures, Binx watches over the entire office from his perch high above everyone.  From there, he can see anyone coming into the office and be our official greeter.


Stress Management Team Member, JinxJinx handles all phone calls and paperwork – although trying to get the paperwork from her can sometimes be a more difficult task.  She especially likes calling on the intercom to check on everyone.

Binx and Jinx taking a cat napApparently Stress Management is a tough profession and requires several naps a day. They especially love curling up together on any chair that happens to be available.


Binx and Jinx taking a lunch break.And Stress Management certainly works up an appetite. After a hard day at the office making sure Cathy, Karen, Linda, Hallie, Justin, Lisa, Melissa, and Alisha are all at the top of our game, they settle in for an evening meal.

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