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Bradford Meythaler, president

The Northern Alabama office of Right at Home is a locally owned and operated franchise office of Right at Home, Inc., a senior home care and staffing company providing care since 1995.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve.  We do that by providing high quality in-home caregivers to serve you.

Bradford Meythaler has worked as an Accountant for the US Senate for the last 3 years, where he maintained and served all Senator and Committee Office budgets.   He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Managerial Finance from the University of Mississippi. 

Bradford was blessed to have grown up closely surrounded by all four of his grandparents who taught him the importance of hard work and family values.   He recognizes the sacrifices preceding generations have made for America’s future and believes that it is now time for us to give back to those who have provided so much for this great country.   Our loved ones deserve the highest quality of care possible. 

RAH is willing to go to extra lengths to be a trusted provider of homecare and support services to our clients, to their family members and to the healthcare professionals in the community.   Each member of the RAH team hold themselves, and the care that they provide, to an unparalleled degree of integrity, responsiveness and service quality.

Bradford is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Bradford can be reached at

Right at Home was initially founded by Allen Hager. For many years, Allen worked in health care as a hospital administrator. While in the hospital environment, he watched patients – especially seniors – leave the facility and return home, but not necessarily return to health. Once home, a lot of his former patients were unable to care for themselves.

Allen knew that with a little help, most of these people could lead healthy, happy lives in their own homes. But he also knew that there were very few companies that offered this kind of help. Allen didn’t just jump in and start a franchising company, however.

First, he talked to dozens of families to understand the different kinds of challenges they faced and what kind of care would help. Then he became a certified nursing assistant so he could experience the needs of people who were still living in their home but who needed some professional assistance.

In 1995, Allen started Right at Home in Omaha, Nebraska. Five years later, he started branching into other regions of the country by carefully selecting franchisees who shared his passion for caring for those in their community.

Right at Home in-home care now has more than 500 offices that serve tens of thousands of clients across the United States, Canada, the UK, China, Ireland, Australia and Brazil.

Improving the Quality of Life for Those We Serve

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