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Published By Colleen Card, Director of Operations RAH Indianapolis North on August 30, 2018

More than an Agenda

It was a day that I had plans, an agenda, a list of tasks to complete for my company, a schedule to keep. MY stuff. MY calendar. But, through circumstances beyond my control, I was compelled to take the place of a young caregiver who was not experienced enough to care for a hospice patient. We have an all hands on deck philosophy at our company, and so, I was called up for duty. I was not happy that I had to adjust my day. I called for a replacement.

As I waited, I sat by the bedside of a sweet lady who was approaching the end. And as I sat there in the hush of the quiet morning in her room, I realized how unimportant and trivial MY agenda suddenly seemed. The urgency faded away. I was peaceful with her, standing on sacred ground with her. This was a gift, not an inconvenience. I cancelled the replacement caregiver and spent 7 hours holding her hand, making her comfortable, reassuring her, praying.

She passed the next day...and I am so blessed, and so grateful that I was given the opportunity to be with her. The lesson I learned that day is this, we all need to keep our eyes open and pay attention to these changes in direction, obstacles along the way, forks in the paths we’ve chosen for ourselves, because unbeknownst to us there may be something larger and lovelier ahead.

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