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Caregiver Recognition

At Right at Home Inland Valley, Right Care starts with the Right People. Our mission is "To Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve." We couldn't do that without the heart and skill of our caregivers. Our exceptional caregivers provide the assistance to the ladies and gentlemen we serve that enables them to live with dignity, comfort and independence in their homes. Our caregivers are the ones who are out in our community, making a difference, enriching and improving the quality of life for our ladies and gentlemen and providing peace of mind to their families.

profile photo of Yvonne, Caregiver of the Month

Caregiver of the Month - Yvonne S.

Before joining the team, Yvonne was a residential advisor at a Christian boarding school for troubled, abused and trafficked teens. A family member told her to try her hand at caregiving and she found she really enjoys assisting seniors as well! She feels her work providing care and companionship is a great opportunity and privilege. Yvonne’s favorite part about this work is listening to stories from years ago, some from even before her own grandparents were born! But her favorite story is when one of her clients noticed her badge and asked what it was. She answered that it was her work badge and he asked to see it up close. He exclaimed “this is not you! If I saw that person walk into my house I would kick her out and not let her work for me!” They laughed about that photo… the one you see here! Well, we think it captures Yvonne’s warmth, friendliness and sense of humor well.

headshot of Rachelle S. Caregiver of the Month

Caregiver of the Month - Rachelle S. 

Meet Rachelle! She is a Nutritional Service Manager and has worked in the nutrition field for 15 years. Her heart was too big to be contained in that industry so she joined the Right at Home Team in January! Rachelle was interested in taking a step toward a career change and wanted to help others. She is interested in changing our ladies’ and gentleman's’ lives for the better. She believes the little things add up, like sharing a smile, listening to their stories and getting to know them. Rachelle is a great communicator and a fantastic cook! One of her favorite memories is when a client asked her if she would like to learn her secret homemade fudge recipe. Rachelle said “yes!” They both had big smiles as they made – and ate! - the delicious fudge together. Rachelle says “when you are a caregiver, you know everyday you will touch a life, and a life will touch yours.”

Janna in scrubs in front of board that says Employee of the Month

Caregiver of the Month - Janna

Janna loves photography and her sensitive eye helps her figure out how best to help our dear ladies and gentlemen! This good sense of “seeing” what they need, coupled with her studies to become a nurse make an exception blend of heart, head and spirit. Janna can recommend comfort measures to help with pain or identify potential causes of symptoms experienced by those for whom she provides assistance. She is tech-savvy so she can even help solve any technology issues they are having!

Janna joined the Right at Home team after hearing about us from several friends who work with us and knew her experience caring for her nursing school patients would come in quite handy! She wanted to get involved in a field related to her nursing future.

This skilled and kind young lady always had a heart to care for others, and her favorite part of the day is brightening others’ days in little ways. Janna might surprise her client by picking up food for them from their favorite restaurant, or bringing them homemade soaps made by her dad. She loves to lend a listening ear, not only to their concerns, but also to the amazing stories they have to tell!

Janna says she is “blessed to serve those in need and love on others just as Jesus has loved and blessed (me) my whole life.”

profile photo of Sharon Miller, Employee of the Month

Caregiver of the Month -Sharon M.

Congratulations to Sharon, our newest Caregiver of the Month! The ladies she serves say her assistance is invaluable. Sharon shares her care, cooking, transportation and safety skills with a warm heart, gentle kindness and good sense of humor.

Sharon has been caregiving since 1979. She started at an assisted living community and later became assistant administrator. She says the Lord opened this door to caring for others. He gave her a compassion for the elderly and she strives to provide them with a better quality of life. Sharon’s favorite part of her work day is when her ladies see her and give her a big smile. They are so happy when she’s there and tell her how much they’ve missed her!

Sharon says that all of her ladies are special. And one particular lady had a major impact on Sharon by demonstrating the true act and gift of forgiveness. This was a message that Sharon carries dear in her heart. Sharon, herself, is a gift to her ladies and to Right at Home!

photo of Celeste, Caregiver of the Month

Caregiver of the Month - Celeste S.

Before becoming a home care aide, Celeste was a retail store manager. She enjoyed her work but it did not bring a sense of fulfillment to her days. She decided to walk away from store management when she realized she missed being of true service to people.

Celeste’s first volunteer position when she was in high school was in a nursing home. Her first job was for a neurologist. With the loving support of her family, she made the leap of faith into studying nursing. While pursuing this career, she chose to work in home care.

When she found out she was our Caregiver of the Month, Celeste was thrilled! She said “I really enjoy how happy my clients are to see me when I walk through the door. When I say ‘hello sunshine!’ their faces light up. It warms my heart because I may be the only person they see for the day. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to bring joy into people’s lives.”

And we are so thankful to have wonderful Celeste on our team!

Photo of Linda, caregiver of the month

Caregiver of the Month - Linda R. 

I didn't know when we hired Linda that I knew her former employer. The name was familiar, but fairly common. I called for a reference check and, lo and behold, it was my friend! He had nothing but glowing remarks about Linda. Linda had worked as a server for his and his wife's restaurant for years and was competent, kind, friendly and professional. He and his wife were very sad to lose her, but they understood she needed to share her special heart in other ways.

Linda's dad was getting older. He lived on his own, out of state, and didn't want to leave his home. All she wished for him was a kind person with a smile on their face, a gentle heart to help him start his day and be good company for him... That's when Linda realized she wanted to be that person! Linda had also worked at an assisted living community and knew that providing personal care and companionship was her true path.

So her goal, every day, is "to help someone's day be better, a little brighter!" She absolutely loves her job and it shows. The lives of the ladies and gentlemen she serves are definitely enriched by her TLC... and the lives of us here in the office are blessed to have such a wonderful, uplifting person on our team!

Profile photo of Brenda Marcus

Caregiver of the Month - Brenda M.

Brenda Marcus is our Employee of the Month! She has been with Right at Home since 2017 and has been an exemplary employee! She communicates openly, regularly and well with office staff, and clients love having her help them!

Brenda began caregiving 30 years ago when her husband became ill. While caring for him, she also started caring for her then-86 year old neighbor. Brenda has been a purchasing manager for a large printing company as well as an office manager for a pool cleaning company. But she found that she had a desire to assist others. We believe you can teach the skills but you can't teach the heart. Brenda has both!

One of Brenda's fondest memories is helping a 92 year old Veteran. He would tell her about his times in Italy during WWII when he marched through the country. He would tell stories as if they just happened yesterday. Brenda learned so much from him and other ladies and gentlemen just by being patient, understanding, and listening to them.

Brenda's genuine care and kindness shows when she assists others. We are so happy to have her on Team RAH!

Caregiver of the Month - Terrie Nino

Caregiver of the Month - Terrie N.

I would like to introduce you to Terrie Nino, our amazing caregiver of the Month! Terrie has been with us for over 4 years and has worked with so many of our clients. She is beloved by the staff and clients alike. Terrie has been caregiving since she was 19 years old. She realized that caregiving was her calling when she was taking care of her grandparents at a young age. She has worked in assisted living facilities and hospitals, but truly loves more than anything working with people one on one. She says she views her clients as friends and family and looks forward to helping them each and every day to make their lives just a little easier. Her favorite part of the job is listening and hearing all the amazing stories that our clients have to offer. Terrie said "I have found my purpose in life which is to help and love on our senior population". Thank you Terrie for all you do and for being such a huge asset to our team!

Cheri-Ann posing in front of a sign saying Employee of the Month Cheri Ann

Caregiver of the Month - Cheri-Ann F.

It is my pleasure to introduce Cheri-Ann Figueroa as our Employee of the month. Caregiving all started with her mom who thought she would be an amazing caregiver. She began her caregiving career by becoming a Volunteer for Kaiser in Riverside. She then went on to study nursing at Riverside Community College and from their began working in a nursing facility. The smile you see in this picture is the smile that is always on her face. Her smile, positive attitude and loving spirit is just infectious. She is constantly requested by clients and we are lucky to have her as an employee.

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