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Serving Her Desire to Make a Difference

Find a career that feeds your soul.

Nutrition is an essential component of health, no matter your age. The benefits of proper nutrition for older adults and those with chronic conditions include increased mental acuity, higher energy levels and better resistance to illness and disease.

From Changing Rooms to Changing Lives

Go from a job based on transactions to a career based on relationships.

While many older adults want to age at home, they may need a little help around the house. Light housekeeping, meal preparation and other homemaking services ensure their ability to continue living independently, right at home.

Putting His Career in Drive

If you feel like you’re not going anywhere, shift into a career that will take you places.

For many aging adults, or adults with disabilities, having access to transportation allows them to stay engaged with friends, family and religious organizations. Transportation also gives them the capability to keep healthcare appointments and to visit, pharmacies and grocery stores.

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