Joshua, Texas
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Sharlotta and Richard E. Connally opened Right at Home in Joshua, Texas, to serve Johnson County, an area that holds a special place in the hearts of these entrepreneurs because of their longtime community involvement.

Richard and Sharlotta ConnallyThe husband-and-wife duo are local to Johnson County, and in addition to Sharlotta serving on the Joshua City Council, she has served on the Planning and Zoning Board, on the county Economic Development Board, and at the local YMCA. Richard is involved in the community as well serving on City of Joshua Planning and Zoning Board and the Johnson County Special Utility Board. Sharlotta and Richard kept in mind their longtime mutual goal of doing their part to support the community when searching for a new business opportunity. This led them to Right at Home..

Sharlotta grew up south of Wichita Falls in Windthorst and Scotland, Tex., which is a rural farming and dairy community. She has a degree in Horticulture and worked for the Parks and Recreation departments in Abilene and Arlington and has worked in merchant processing financial services in Fort Worth. Richard and Sharlotta have two sons.

Richard and Sharlotta were initially excited about an opportunity with Right at Home because their son Cody and Daughter in Law Whitney have been successful franchise owners of their own Right at Home out of Ellis County(Midlothian). They were further drawn to the concept because it fulfilled their desire to assist the Johnson County community by helping the members who needed it most: Seniors.

"We were looking for a business opportunity in which we could help out the community, and there is no better way to do so than helping those who need it most,” said Sharlotta Connally. “The ability for family members to feel that their loved ones are in good hands is truly invaluable, and we are excited to bring these services to our community.”

As the senior population continues to increase locally, Richard and Sharlotta know that the personalized care services that Right at Home provides to the area are needed now more than ever. The ability to help seniors locally is the perfect extension of the Connally’s work in the community, and one that they are enthusiastic about providing for years to come.

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