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Sjoberg Family

One day, a few years back, Kami woke up and couldn't move. Her husband, Scott, initially panicked but collected himself and got Kami to the hospital. Kami was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and has lived with the disease since 1999. MS has forced Kami and Scott to confront many of the same challenges their clients face. As Kami struggled with daily activities, Scott became her primary caregiver. He helped her eat, brush her teeth, dress, and use the restroom. Kami's MS is in remission, but the struggles she and Scott went through are never far from their mind – especially when someone calls seeking care.


Does Scott and Kami's story sound similar to what your family is experiencing?

Unlike so many other in-home care companies, Scott and Kami understand, on a deeply personal level, what clients and their families are going through.

"Sometimes I wish families truly understood how much the Right at Home Kansas City Metro team gets it. We have lived it. We truly do care and we really want to make a difference."

-Scott Sjoberg

Dave and Judy have also experienced the challenges of caring for an aging parent. Judy recalls making regular trips between Denver and Kansas. When adult children are grappling with caring for their elderly parents from a distance, Judy and Dave can relate to the challenges caring for a loved one long distance presents.

Choosing to open a Right at Home Franchise in Overland Park was an easy choice from Kami, Scott, Judy and Dave. Having provided care for a loved one, they understand the emotional stress caregiving puts on a family. They understand how difficult it can be to reach out and ask for help. From the time you call the Right at Home Kansas City Metro office, you will be treated with compassion by people who really do understand what you are going through.


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