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A caregiver wearing a mask watches as her client plays the piano. A caregiver wearing a mask watches as her client plays the piano.

Our Caregivers Exemplify Compassion and Kindness

Right at Home Overland Park celebrates our hardworking, professional and compassionate caregivers. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We need great caregivers to answer the call and we're proud to have them! Read about some of our outstanding teammates.


Abbie — Caregiver of the Week

Congrats Abbie on being caregiver of the week! She is dedicated, driven, and hard working and all her clients can't stop saying wonderful things about her. She drives over an hour away to get to each shift. We appreciate for all that she does and for setting standards high. :) $25 will be added on to her next paycheck.


Amanda — Caregiver of the Week

Congratulation's!! She has done an outstanding job on always being on time for all of her assignments. Showing her clients the RAH way by always going above and beyond in the care she provides. Thank you for all that you do Amanda.


Heidi — Caregiver of the Week

Heidi is caregiver of the week because she has really stepped up for our clients when we desperately needed it. She has shown us level of commitment, willingness to help, and reliability for RAH. Thank you for all you do for your clients Heidi you rock!


Shelby T — Caregiver of the Week

Congratulations to Shelby T on becoming caregiver of the week last week. She has been with us for almost a year now and just passed her boards and got her CNA license!! Shelby has qualities that include our core values Quality, Integrity, & Compassion. She is kindhearted, she is always thinking about her clients very thoughtful. Thank you Shelby so much for all you do for RAH.


Caregiver of the Week - Tim

Congratulations Tim on becoming caregiver of the week and showing our clients the RAH 3 core values which are quality, integrity, and compassion. He has always arrived on time to his shifts, has a great positive attitude, and gives very detailed care notes for each client.


Caregiver of the Week - Laurie

Laurie is caregiver of the week! She does a remarkable job with all of her clients, has great attendance, and always helps us when we are in need last minute. Thank you for all you do for RAH and your clients!


Caregiver of the Week - Heather

Heather is caregiver of the week! Congratulations! Heather says, "I want to thank all of you for making me feel so welcomed to right at home. I appreciate you thinking of me in your decision. I am so honored to be right at home caregiver of the week. The team constantly reminds me of why I do this. It is not just a job it is an opportunity for me to share the passion and compassion with my clients that I have for what I do and those that I do it for." Thank you for all you do for your clients Heather.


Caregiver of the Week - Hazel

Congratulations to Hazel on being this weeks caregiver of the week. She has shown so much growth in just the short months she has been here with the company it shows by her being so determined and a very hard worker. Always willing to pick up shifts if and when needed and always early to shifts. Thank you for all you do Hazel. We are happy to have you on the RAH team .


Caregiver of the Week - Connie

Congratulations Connie on being caregiver of the week. She has been with us for 7 years and does a remarkable job with our clients. Always has a big smile and positive attitude. She gets requested often with our clients.


Caregiver of the Week - Yelena

Congratulations Yelena on being caregiver of the week. She has been with us for a year now and she is doing a wonderful job. She has never called in for her shifts and still has her original client when she first started. She is dependable and reliable and the sweetest can be. We love seeing her at all of our caregiver appreciation events and training.


Caregiver of the Week - Debra

Meet our caregiver of the week, Debra! We are so delighted to have her on our team. She gets requested by our clients regularly. She has such a positive outlook and is very flexible with the company to make sure we have coverage. We are so happy to have someone like Debra on the team. Thanks Debra!



We are so happy to have Maria as one of our caregivers here at Right At Home. She is very proactive and informative. She gives us updates on the clients and is very diligent and thoughtful. She gives us suggestions and is overall amazing.



Salome has been chosen as our Caregiver of the Week! Clients are continuously complementing Salome's professionalism and level of compassion she displays for her clients. They are so thankful that she was chosen to be their caregiver. Thank you for being so great at what you do, Salome! You make us very proud!


Alia J.

Alia is our Caregiver of the Week! She's done an outstanding job of providing great, quality care to our Clients and we always know that they are in great hands when in her care. She is continually relaying information to the office regarding any changes her Clients are experiencing so the office is staying well informed. We appreciate that concise communication! Not to mention, the Clients and their loved ones absolutely adore her. Thank you so much, Alia!


Caregiver DestineyDestiney McPhaul is very proactive and informative. She gives us updates on the clients and is very diligent and thoughtful. She gives suggestions and is overall amazing!


Caregiver VickieWe are so happy to have Vickie as one of your caregivers here at Right at Home. She is thoughtful, experienced, and last week took the initiative and picked up many shifts and was very flexible. We know we can count on her to take great care of our clients and to be reliable. Thank you, Vickie!


Caregiver SherrelleSherrelle was our caregiver of the week for last week! A cleint told us about how professional she was, how your uniform looked sharp and you were a rockstar! You got along very well with the new client and you are great at what you do! Thank you for being an amazing caregiver!


Cher'ReeseThis is our CG of the week, Cher’Reese. She is very reliable, has an awesome attitude, and always goes above and beyond for all of her clients. We are so glad to have her on our team. Congratulation’s!


Caregiver StephanieMeet our caregiver of the week, Stephanie! We are honored to have her on our team. Our clients request her time and time again. Her attitude is amazing, and her heart is gold! Thank you Stephanie, you are the best!


Caregiver Gwen

Gwen is our caregiver of the week! She has the caring gene we always look for when hiring a caregiver. She is such a sweet, caring person. She takes the time to build a real connection with each client she works with. We are truly blessed to have her on our team! Thanks Gwen, we appreciate you!


Caregiver Tanae

Tanae is our caregiver of the week! She is super reliable, professional, and flexible! She is a go getter, and we are honored to have her on our team. Congratulations, Tanae!


Caregiver Yvonne

Yvonne has been with Right at Home for almost 3 years now. She continues to go above and beyond for each client she works with. Congratulations, Yvonne!. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!


Caregiver Antone

Antone is our caregiver of the week! He is amazing with his client, has a great attitude, and impeccable work ethic! We appreciate you, Antone!


Alma is our caregiver of the week! Alma continues to WOW us at every client she takes. She has the caring gene we look for in all of our caregivers. She is very detailed in her work, and her communication skills are impeccable. We truly appreciate having you as part of our team, Alma!

We asked Alma what her favorite thing about working for Right at Home is. She replied "The extraordinary office staff. Their teamwork has made the working environment a sense of calmness and the professionalism is extraordinary. Additionally, the owners are exceptional and caring people. I have personally seen them treat clients, staff and caregivers with respect and professionally. I say hoorah and my hat is off to the office staff!!!"


Caregiver FatoumataOur caregiver of the week is Fatoumata.

We asked her what her favorite part of her job at Right at Home is. She replied: "Being able to put a smile on our clients and their families faces. Knowing that I am able to help and your help make a difference in others lives."


Caregiver Christine

Christine is our caregiver of the week! We asked Christine what made her decide she wanted to be a caregiver. She replied: I decided to be a caregiver because when I see someone who cannot take care of themselves, I always put myself in their position, and think about how I would like to be cared for if I was in their position. That's what drives me to give the best care.

Thanks Christine, you are AWESOME!! We appreciate all you do for us and our clients!


Caregiver Yolanda

Yolanda is our CG of the week! She goes above and beyond with each client she meets. We always get great feedback about Yolanda. She is super reliable and has a great attitude! We asked her: What is your greatest strength? She replied; Empathy and Compassion. Reliability and Flexibility. Honesty and Trustworthiness. Time Management Skills.


Caregiver Hunter

Hunter is our Caregiver of the week! She is always reliable, has great communication skills, and her clients love her! Congratulations, Hunter!

We asked Hunter what her favorite thing is about Right at Home. She replied: My favorite thing about working for Right at Home has to be the clients!


Caregiver Dorothy

Dorothy has been chosen as our caregiver of the week! She is a solid part of our caregiving team. Every client loves her, she is very detailed in her work, and continues to strive for greatness!

You ROCK, Dorothy! Thanks for all you do!


Caregiver Asma

We asked Asma: What is your greatest strength as a caregiver?

She replied: I love what I'm doing, and I deal with my clients as if they are one of my family members. I learn their daily schedule, what they like to do, and what they don't like, and try to do my best to make them comfortable and happy. The clients feel that I'm there for them anytime they need help no matter when or what they need."

Asma has been with us for 4 years now. She always steps in when we need her. Asma goes above and beyond for our clients, and they love her for it. We appreciate you, Asma!


Caregiver Randy

Randy is our caregiver of the week! He is very detailed, early to his shifts, and builds strong relationships with his clients. He is always open to training opportunities and gaining new skills. He always goes the extra mile! Thank you, Randy! You ROCK!

We asked Randy “What is the best thing about working for Right at Home?” He replied, “The client’s!“


Caregiver Ernestine

Ernestine is our Caregiver of the week! She is also our lead care professional, field trainer, handles client introductions, and does an excellent job supporting our caregivers and clients as needed. She is a HUGE asset to our growing team! She goes above and beyond for ALL of us everyday! Congratulations!!!! You have earned it! We asked her to describe working for Right at Home in one word. She replied “Rewarding!”


Caregiver Sherrelle

Congratulations Sherrelle, you are caregiver of the week! Sherrelle is super reliable, and amazing with every client she meets! She is such an asset to our team.

We asked her: What is the best thing about working for Right at Home?

Sherrelle said: "Everything! The clients, the hours, the team. I truly love working for this company. Most importantly they really do appreciate the work that we do as caregivers and they let us know how much they appreciate us!!!"


Caregiver Debbie

Debbie is our CG of the week. We asked her what she likes most about working for Right At Home, she said “helping the clients, and making their days better”. Debbie has been providing our clients with outstanding service for 2 years now! We are so glad to call her part of the Right at Home team!


Caregiver Abey

What do you like most about Right At Home?

"I really like that the company is so understanding. All I get is compassion, which is very different from many other companies."


Caregiver Madison

What inspires you to succeed everyday?

“Knowing that one day I may need this kind of care inspires me to do the best job I can do for each and every one of my clients. I want to give them the same level of care I hope to receive for myself someday. The most meaningful part of my job is knowing I have made a difference in my clients lives and that I am helping them to live their best life.

Emelva M.

December's Caregiver of the Month is...Emelva M.! Congratulations! Emelva was chosen as Caregiver of the Month for her dependability and attendance, great communication with the office, and client feedback.

One of Emelva's client's daughters had this to say, "Emelva demonstrated a level of care and compassion that not only gave my mother comfort but also allowed her family to feel confident she was getting what she needed. My mother was very pleased with her care and looked forward to her coming. She made excellent breakfasts--which was the highlight of my mother's day and did a spectacular job in keeping the house clean. Emelva has a very special gift. She is kind, compassionate, and has a softness about her that is very calming and serene...a quality that is essential for caring for an elderly person. My mother developed a very special bond with Emelva which gave her a tremendous amount of comfort as she was nearing the end of her life. Our family is so grateful that you sent us Emelva."

Thank you for making Right at Home so proud, Emelva. You will be receiving your Caregiver of the Month bonus on your next check!

Gwen J.

Caregiver GwenGwen was awarded Caregiver of the Month because she shows a level of commitment, willingness to help, and reliability that rose above a very crowded field in the month of August!

When asked what she loves most about being a caregiver, Gwen says it's the people; she wants to bring them joy and a smile to their faces. Gwen works hard to find commonalities between herself and her clients so that they 'warm up' to her and feel comfortable with accepting her care.

She enjoys discussing bicycling, swimming, gardening, walking, and church. Gwen maintains an excellent balance between caring and professionalism and is an amazing role model for all of our Caregivers at Right at Home.

Gwen's Clients agree that she strives to go above and beyond for them every time they see her and they look forward to her visits.

Thank you, Gwen, and thank you to all of our great Caregivers at Right at Home. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!

Carol C.

Caregiver Carol

Congratulations to Carol C. on being chosen as July’s Caregiver of the Month! Carol builds trust with her Clients by being committed; she is punctual, reliable and flexible. She understands that to be a cohesive team we need to all be well informed, so Carol is always listening for any concerns pertaining to her client and reports to both the office and the family. Thank you, Carol, for showing genuine compassion to your Clients and for making us so proud to call you a Right at Home Caregiver!

Erica K.

Caregiver Erica

April's Caregiver of the Month is Erica K! Erica came to Right at Home with 20 years of caregiving experience...and it shows! She makes continuing education a top priority and attends Right at Home in-services whenever possible. She is skilled in safe transfers, dementia care, hospice care, and so much more. In her time here with Right at Home, she's made a tremendous impact on her clients; reporting client concerns as soon as they arise, stepping in to help clients in need of last minute care, and by always showing her Clients that they can depend on her. Thank you, Erica!

Denise D.

Caregiver Denise

March Caregiver of the Month is Denise D.! Denise has been a Right at Home Caregiver for seven months and has already made a lasting, positive impact on those she’s served. Denise is loved by all for her initiative, upbeat personality, great communication skills, and willingness to help out her fellow Team Members whenever possible. Denise recently received praise from a Client during a Home Care Pulse Survey and you can see some of those comments in this month's newsletter! Denise, thank you for being such a bright light in our lives and embodying what it means to provide the ‘RightCare’. You are a gem and we are grateful you continue to choose Right at Home as your home!