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After-Hours Care Coordinator

Right at Home is a close knit team of caregivers who rely on one another to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of care. We only hire committed professionals who have a passion for helping others and a heart-felt desire to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Successful team members work hard every day to live up to Right at Home’s high standard of care. They focus on overcoming challenges and providing professional, well-trained, compassionate care to our clients and their families. If you have a passion for serving others, can live up to our high standard of care, and want a career, we welcome your application and want to hear from you.

2020 Best of Home Care AwardPosition Summary:

After Hours Care Coordinator handles client, client's family, employee, inquiries and referral sources urgent matters which occur outside of normal business hours. You will be fully accountable for providing an extraordinary service experience with all those you speak with on behalf of Right at Home (RAH).

Essential Job Tasks:

  • Manage and communicate client and caregiver scheduling issues/changes (activity during on-call shifts and up to 24 hours following) i.e. call outs, no calls/no shows, re-staffing, late arrivals and missed clock-ins/outs.
  • Use a variety of communication methods when reaching out to staff (i.e. some caregivers don't respond well to texts; phone calls might be better): phone calls, emails and texting.
  • Recap via email, daily calls received from service and outcomes (including who called, time of call duration and details of conversation).
  • Log recap in ClearCare and set tasks for office staff by end of on-call shift.
  • Take new client inquiries initial call/questions, document in ClearCare, create tasks for office staff to handle following day, and/or reach out to Supervisor On-Call (SOC) for guidance and approval for any immediate starts, complete phone assessment for immediate starts and send documents for signature/review.
  • Explain plan of care to caregivers going to new clients during on-call shifts or up to 24 hours following.
  • Utilize ClearCare's 'CareFinder' feature for staffing assistance.
  • Read weekly emails from office staff.
  • Answer any questions or concerns from office staff as soon as you are able.
  • Text or call SOC if assistance is needed due to:
    • too many call offs at around the same time
    • a situation you are not sure how to handle
    • needing staffing suggestions if nothing is working and you have already utilized the CareFinder tool and called all available caregivers
    • needing approval to pay more for a shift or approval for a caregiver to work overtime

As an After Hours Care Coordinator, you will be working outside the RAH office after regular business hours. The after-hours period and compensations details are as follows:

1. After Hours Period:

  • Monday-Thursday 4:30pm to 8am
  • Friday 4:30pm to Monday 8am

2. Holidays:

  • 8am-4:30pm on the following holidays: New Years Eve (office closes at 12pm), New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve (office closes at 12pm) and Christmas Day.
  • Paid an additional $75 for the holiday.

3. Compensation Breakout:

  • Monday-Friday: $20/night or $100/entire period.
  • Saturday and Sunday: $50/day or $100/entire weekend.
  • $10.00/hr: active work i.e. phone calls (conversations, messages), typing (emails, texts).
  • New client from after hour inquiry intake: $50/each
  • Required additional training: $10.00/hour

4. Payment:

  • You will be paid bi-weekly.
  • Pay periods are Monday-Sunday.
  • Payday is Friday.
  • Payment via direct deposit.

The ideal candidate must have a passion for improving the quality of life of those elderly or disabled and must possess the following:

  • Strong phone etiquette
  • Strong people skills and intuition
  • Home Care On-Call experience
  • Organizational and problem solving skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Computer skills


  • Internet Access
  • Personal cell phone with unlimited talk, text, and data
  • Attend meeting with office staff two times annually for training

A More Meaningful Career

Right at Home caregivers are compassionate and caring people who want more than just a job, they want to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their loved ones. When you join the Right at Home family, you'll be surrounded by teammates who are committed to our high standards, warm-hearted by nature, and dedicated to caring for our clients.

If you are ready for a more meaningful career improving the lives of seniors, apply to become a Right at Home caregiver today.

We Love Our Homecare Heroes

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