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Does someone you know have trouble remembering to take their medication? 

Personal Medication SystemWhen you are caring for a loved one or family member, keeping up with medication can be a real challenge. It can be difficult to be sure each dose is correct and taken on time. You may be managing one set of pills and vitamins in the morning, different doses in the afternoon or evening and still other pills before bed.

Now there is an easier way to manage all those pills—automatically. Our simple, reliable dispensing system that fits on a kitchen countertop—The Personal Medication System. It makes every dose easier for everyone. Learn what a difference it can make in health and independence.



Perfect for Seniors

  • Loud, verbal/tone reminders and flashing light are instantly noticeable
  • One-button dispensing with oversize, red button requiring only gentle push
  • Medication cups are comfortable to hold and easy to open

Perfect for Caregivers

  • Takes the worry out of every day medication management
  • Holds 10-30 days of medication saving time and effort organizing doses
  • Easily adjustable to accommodate changes in medications or schedules

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