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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Caregiver

If you decide on home care, there are certain questions you should ask the home care agency to ensure your family and loved one remain safe, healthy and happy:

1.If the caregiver becomes ill, goes out of town or is otherwise unavailable,what are the alternative arrangements?

2.Who pays the caregivers ’federal and state taxes,Social Security (FICA) and unemployment insurance so that our family is not legally responsible?

3.Can you verify that the caregivers are legally able to work in the United States?

4.If the caregiver is injured at a client’s residence,who is responsible? (Many home owners’ insurance policies exclude injuries to “domestic employees,”so the caregiver should be covered by workers’compensation insurance.)

5.Do you perform criminal background checks and state abuse registry checks?

6.Do you check caregivers’ references from prior work history?

7.Are you bonded and insured in case of injury or theft?

8.How do you document that your services were indeed completed?

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