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As current events underscore, there is much work to be done as a country and as a society. And as members of a wonderfully diverse, global organization, Right at Home, too, must do more.

The mission of Right at Home is very simple: We improve the quality of life for those we serve. As humans, and as members of a diverse and connected community, we should never forget that we serve each other. In doing so, we stand against all racism, discrimination, and prejudice. We must respect every member of our communities and ensure each is treated with dignity and is valued as a unique individual. Now more than ever, we need to live our mission. — Your Right at Home Team

The Right Services When & Where You Need Them

RightCare is our comprehensive approach to delivering the care your loved one needs. It starts by having the right people delivering the right services the right way. From the moment you call, we will work to understand your family's needs and listen to your concerns. We will create a custom care plan specifically for your loved one based on a thorough needs assessment. As your loved one receives care, we will stay in contact with you, keeping you updated on the care we are providing and how your loved one is doing. With our personalized care plans, managed by professionals, your loved one will always get the care they need.

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Right at Home Kenosha Racine Care Team

Right at Home Kenosha-Racine Care Team

Kenosha Racine's Best Home Care Service

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Whether your loved one needs care in their home, a nearby assisted or independent living community, we provide the best senior care services.

Home Care Services

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We are hiring

Caring for people can be a rewarding experience. We are currently looking for reliable, caring, compassionate and mature caregivers to join our Care Team.

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2021 Caring Super
Star Award

2021 Caring Super Star winner

Rated one of the top home care agencies in Wisconsin. You can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are getting the best care. Contact us for a free consultation.

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How Affordable is In-home Care?

Right at Home offers custom care services based on your needs, all in the comfort of your own home, offering an affordable alternative to assisted living.

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We're Here For You

As a person begins to age, family members often feel the need to help with everyday tasks their loved one now finds challenging. It can be hard to tell when aging is affecting a family member because small things can add up to a larger challenge incredibly fast. If this sounds like something your family is experiencing, you're not alone. Today, more than 34 million adults are providing care to a loved one over the age of 50.

With Flexible Scheduling, We Can Provide the Care Your Loved One Needs, Whether They Need a Little or a Lot.

For many people, our in-home senior care is the best solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and loving relationships. Whether a family member needs a little extra help around the house, assistance recovering from a hospital stay or someone to check in on them throughout the week, Right at Home Kenosha Racine can be the perfect solution.

We customize our care services, so your loved one always gets the special care they need based on their individual needs. Discover how our many services can help improve your family's quality of life.

Hospital to Home

Hospital to Home

RightTransitions Focuses On Recovery

When recovery at home is the focus, Right at Home is the answer to managing follow-up appointments, proper nutrition, medication reminders and more.

RightTransitions® Program

Don't Compromise When it Comes to Home Care

At Right at Home Kenosha Racine, we are the right people, doing the right things, the right way, for the right reason. When you choose us to provide in-home care for your loved one, you can feel confident they will receive the right care.

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Additional Resources

Fall Prevention Brochure

Fall Prevention Guide

Preventing falls is preventing hospital readmission and helps seniors stay in their homes longer. Let's keep your loved one on their feet! Find out more about fall prevention with this free brochure!

Fall Prevention Guide

Adult Caregiving Guide

Adult Caregiving Guide

Only Right at Home can provide the Right Care. We tailor our care to your unique situation through a Custom Care Plan. Download your free Adult Caregiving Guide today.

Adult Caregiving Guide

Aging in Place Guide

Aging-in-Place Guide

Nearly 90 percent of older adults want to remain in their home in later life. To help, Right at Home designed the Aging -in-Place Guide, a practical resource for every aging adult and every family.

Aging in Place Guide

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