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Our Kenosha-Racine Home Care Team

Owner Mike Callaghan

Mike Callaghan | Owner

Mike Callaghan opened the first Right at Home office in Wisconsin in August of 2003. Mike ‘s background in homecare came from initially being the main caregiver to his aging parents. As his parents’ needs grew, Mike recognized the need to bring in additional help. He and his wife Kim began cobbling together a network of care for his parents, some family, some friends, and some professionals. As the years went on they were able to streamline the process eventually having around the clock care for first Mike’s father and soon after his passing for Mike’s mother.

Armed with this experience and the understanding of what it takes to keep someone healthy and safe in their own home, Mike decided to open up a Right at Home office. Right at Home was founded in 1995 by Allen Hager and currently has over 300 offices domestically and internationally.


Barb Reed | Staffing Coordinator

Barb Reed joined the office in October of 2019. Barb had been a caregiver with Right at Home since 2011 and has transitioned to the office as a Staffing Coordinator. Her responsibilities include assessments, scheduling and quality follow-up visits. Barb has been a great addition to the office and brings a positive attitude towards clients and caregivers interactions alike.

Brian Callaghan

Brian Callaghan

Brian Callaghan, Mike’s son, joined the office staff in October 2019. Brian‘s experience has been in customer service and management in different retail environments.

Brian’s main responsibility is in the office. He handles some HR functions, payroll, billing and scheduling. He has also become the “go to” for tech support, albeit reluctantly.


Kim Mauser

Kim Mauser joined the office staff in December of 2019. Kim has caregiving experience from when she was a CNA in her younger years. Most recently Kim had worked in the office of a healthcare company. Kim’s responsibilities are assessing, scheduling, and quality check follow-ups. Kim has been a great addition to the office, greeting everyone coming in with a warm greeting.

Ammo the Dog


Ammo joined the Callaghan family and the Right at Home staff in Mid September 2019. He is an Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) and Australian Shepard mix. Ammo is a rescue and was about 6 months old in September. He is still being trained and has a lot of “puppy” in him. Ammo has an erratic schedule, but you will usually find him in the office at least a couple days per week. Ammo’s responsibilities are to greet everyone, catch treats when thrown to him, take naps, and keep watch on everyone in the office.

This team combined with a well-trained, service driven group of caregivers allows Right at Home of Kenosha-Racine to offer a truly great home care experience.

If you or someone you love is in need of care, contact us today!

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