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Published By Katherine Keith on July 13, 2017

Our Mini Version of While You Were Out 

Remember the home decorating show, While You Were Out? Our staff from Right at Home in Northern Neck did a mini version of the show for a senior with no near family, who lives in a rather bare minimum nursing facility. For a very minimal budget, we changed her room from institutional to warm and welcoming!

A Bit of Color Can Brighten a Room!

We replaced the standard-issue bedspread with soft new sheets, a colorful comforter, and a big fuzzy body pillow to lean up against or snuggle with. We provided a bright pink plastic container for her personal grooming items and a small paper treasure box for keepsakes. We added a couple framed photos of her and her new friends from some of our outings as a finishing touch. We enjoyed our time as much as she did!

Before: A standard-issue bedspread After: A sparkling bed like our friend's personality

Before fixing up a room for a senior After fixing up a room for a senior
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