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Caregiver helping senior out of car. Caregiver helping senior out of car.

Healthy Aging Month 2018

Sharing Tips for Healthy Aging

Right at Home Knoxville West owner Joy Wilson recently met with CBS 8 WVLT to give tips for aging well during Healthy Aging Month 2018. 

You can watch Joy's full interview on WVLT's website.

Benefits of Annual Physical Exams as You Age

Joy shared her personal experiences as she entered her 40's and 50's, assessing her own health status, and trying to build a foundation for continued good health while growing older.  

"Don't forget your annual exams. If you can eliminate a catastrophe before it ever happens, then, you know you just live that healthy aging life." Joy said. 

Joy said as she entered her fifties, finding a doctor who helped guide her through a series of testing for food sensitivities and heavy metals testings helped her improve her health and drop some allergy medications. 

"I'm 55 now and I have no joint pain, which is amazing." Joy said.

Mental Health and Healthy Aging

Joy mentioned how it's important to prioritize activities and relationships that contribute to good mental health, including trying to spend more time with positive people, who can provide a boost to your spirits. 

Joy also suggested finding new activities that bring happiness into your life.  She said that the Alzheimer's Association suggests new activities can improve your memory. 

Aging Benefits of New Activities and Exercise

Joy cited her own husband's new interest in martial arts as a living , breathing example of the aging benefits of finding new and enjoyable activities to pursue as you grow older. 

"He's working on his second blackbelt at age 60, and to me he's the epitome of healthy aging." Joy said.

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