Nurses Are The Backbone of Healthcare

Nurses Are The Backbone of Healthcare 

nurseNurses are the backbone of healthcare. They care not only for their patients but also for the patient’s family and their colleagues. They advocate for their patients, provide education and bedside care to name just a few. We need to celebrate nurses not just for the long list of what they can do for us but for the hard work they put in to make it happen.

Last week we celebrated National Nurses Week. The celebration began on May 6th and continued through May 12th. National Nurses Week was created to recognize the hardworking men and women that are in the nursing profession. Nurses deserve to be recognized and this year nurse’s week would be a great time to turn the spotlight on them! National Nurses week starts every year on National Nurses day and ends on Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale is known as the founder of modern nursing. The nursing profession has changed over time since Florence Nightingale cared for the sick and injured in the 1850’s. Today nursing is open to all sex, race, and religion. There are many different paths and settings that can be taken as a career in nursing. Some of those settings include working in a school, hospital, home, lab and community.  Despite the different paths that a nurse may choose each one plays an important part in healthcare.

Nurses have an important role in home healthcare. They are often the 1st person to interact with a patient and family. They provide education and can advocate for their patient if needed. In the future the demand for caregivers and nurses are projected to grow due to the aging population. The time spent in the hospital has shortened, pushing the need for hands-on care into our homes and our community. As people age, they want to stay in their homes and caregivers or family members will be needed to provide that assistance to make it possible. Nurses have played an important role for many years in supporting families in the home and helping to provide care. These nurses can train family members or other caregivers to provide the type of care the client may need. This is important because it will allow the client to live safely in their own home. This will also help avoid the unwanted expenses of long term care facilities or hospital stays.

Nurses are celebrated all around the world because of their hard work. They provide the care to keep our loved ones safe Right at Home. You can find many events in your community that can be found to celebrate nurse’s week. Those events may include health fairs, candle lighting ceremonies, special tributes, discounts for nurses and fundraisers. There are also many ways we can say thank you as individuals such as a nice note, a special card, small gift or a simple thank you.

We all have a friend, neighbor or someone we may know that is a nurse and is always available to answer your questions or concerns. This week, and every week, let’s reach out to say thank you for all that they do and for being a great nurse!

Josie Pruitt, LPN
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