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*Cost of Long Term Care Per Genworth 2018 Survey 

For years, Genworth has helped the aging population to navigate caregiving options and compare costs. Below is a break down of types of care, the national average cost per specific care, and the D.C. cost per specific care type. 

Genworth Cost of Care 
** Monthly cost is based on a schedule of M-F 9am - 5pm


    Care Type


National Average Costs


DC Average Costs

    Adult Day Care      $ 1,560.00 Per Month      $ 1,603.00 Per Month
    Assisted Living      $ 4,000.00 Per Month      $ 4,145.00 Per Month
    Nursing Home      $ 8,365.00 Per Month      $ 11,589.00 Per Month
    Home Care  ** $ 4,195.00 Per Month  ** $ 4,385.00 Per Month

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