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Right at Home Las Vegas Caregiver Recognition

Tiffany Crawford

2018 Q1 Caregiver of the Quarter - Tiffany Crawford

RAH Las Vegas is pleased to announce that Tiffany Crawford has been named our caregiver of the first quarter for 2018. During the quarter Tiffany worked with 8 different clients, most all 3-4 hour shifts. She fills in when she can and she did not call off a single shift. Plus one of her clients has been especially difficult to work on but Tiffany has kept us well informed during the many twists and turns the client has been on. Congratulations Tiffany!

Stacey LaBomme

Stacey LaBomme Caregiver of the Year Right at Home Las VegasRight at Home Las Vegas is proud to announce Stacey LaBomme as both caregiver of the 4th quarter and of the year for 2017. Stacey has been employed at Right at Home since April, 2016. This past year, Stacey rearranged her schedule in July to take on a long-term client of Right at Home. That client has been very happy with Stacey and how she has handled herself. The client has dementia and can be a challenge at times, but Stacey has proven to be up to the task. This past quarter Stacey provided great flexibility with her schedule during the holidays. As a result we were able to meet the needs of her client. 

Stacey is very reliable and the one shift this past quarter she called off she gave us several days notice to back fill the shift. Over the year Stacey worked on 9 different clients. We had many great reviews back from her clients. Stacey is very qualified and professional in all she does. Congratulations Stacey on a great 2017. We appreciate all you do for your clients.

Jurietta Jones

Caregiver Appreciation Jurietta JonesRight at Home Las Vegas is pleased to announce Jurettia Jones as the caregiver of the quarter for July - September 2017. Jurettia has been employed with Right at Home since October 2012. During the past quarter, she had no call offs. Several times during the quarter Jurettia was able to pick up additional shifts on short notice and also helped by staying longer on several other shifts. She usually does overnight shifts, but also picked up some day time schedules.

Always nervous when asked to come into the office, Jurettia was very surprised and pleased when she found out it was to be given the award. Thank you Jurettia for being a great caregiver and wonderful employee.

Magnolia Salinas-Salto

Employee Magnolia

Right at Home Las Vegas would like to congratulate Magnolia Salinas-Salto for being our 2nd Employee of the Quarter for 2017. Maggie has been with Right at Home since October 2016. In that time she has proven herself to be a very excellent and valuable caregiver.

She is usually available to pick up extra shifts and can adapt easily to changes in her schedule. She had no late call-offs during the quarter and communicates in a timely fashion with the office. Maggie is very knowledgeable, competent and loved by all her clients. While she is our youngest caregiver, clients are amazed at her maturity and ability to cope with issues as they arise.

In addition to working for Right at Home, she is going to school and volunteers at Mountain View hospital. Congratulations to Maggie on being named Caregiver of the Quarter.

Stephanie Flores

Stephanie Flores

We would like to congratulate Stephanie Flores for earning the Caregiver of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2017. Stephanie has been with Right at Home since May of 2014. She had several clients over the quarter working approximately 36 hours per week. Stephanie filled in on one shift of a former client with short notice. She also had an idea to help one of her client’s who appeared to be experiencing depression. They went out and enjoyed a movie together, getting him out of the house and cheering him up. Stephanie had no call-offs and was on time for all her shifts.

Great Job Stephanie, we appreciate all you do for your clients.

Stacy Labomme

Stacy Labomme

Stacey LaBomme holding her certificate as Caregiver of the 4th Quarter 2016 for Right at Home Las Vegas. Stacey has been with Right at Home since April 2016. She has frequently modified her schedule to take on extra hours when needed. She is very experienced and able to handle our most complex clients. Congratulations to Stacey on doing a great job for Right at Home.

Chaniece Williams

Chaniece Williams

Congratulations Chaniece Williams! Our Caregiver of the Third Quarter of 2016! Chaniece is reliable, able to take extra shifts when others call off and has great relationships with her clients. Thank you, Chaniece, you make Right at Home great.

Christine Maldonado

Christine Maldonado

We would like to congratulate Christine Maldonado for earning the Right at Home Las Vegas Caregiver of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2016. Christine has been with Right at Home since August of 2015.  She currently has three regular clients and frequently takes shifts of other clients when asked.

Christine works a full schedule plus she picked up 12 extra shifts from call-offs in this quarter. Because Christine is so flexible and able to adapt quickly she can work with a variety of different clients.

Thank you Christine for your excellent work and flexibility and congratulations on your award!

Lila Sloan

Lila Sloan

Lila Sloan earned the Caregiver of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2016! Lila is timely to her clients, flexible with her schedule, is able to accept extra shifts; and the care she provides to her clients is over the top. Thank you, Lila, for your dedication, you make us a stronger team.

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