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Going the extra mile to help clients

We have a client who was struggling with her ambulatory function at an independent living community in the area. Her quality of life had declined significantly as she used to enjoy getting fresh air, being able to socialize at meals with her friends during dinner, as well as attending exercise classes and music events in the central social area of the community.

Our client was undergoing intensive occupational and physical therapy to recover her strength. Her insurance company had been putting up barriers and delays with regards to her receiving a transport chair. Our team decided we would not want our client to suffer a loss of quality of life, and not make her wait for the administrative hoops she would have to jump through to get a transport chair, so we bought one and delivered the transport chair to our client’s home. She eventually recovered her strength and is now ambulatory again, but for the period of time she couldn’t leave her room due to her loss of ambulatory function, she was able to experience sunshine and fresh air, and be able to travel outside her room to the dining hall with our caregiver so we could help her lead a dignified life with as high a quality as possible.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of those we serve, and this small gesture made a big difference in our client’s quality of life for a period of a few weeks while she was recovering her ambulatory function.

Ben Aydin
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