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Meet Our Caregivers

Our Hero Caregiver, JennJenn Jakob has been in caregiving field for 8 years and has experience in homecare and facility. She says: "I like to make changes in seniors' lives. I want them to have a good life. All clients are special to me and every experience with them is memorable". She wants to become a CNA "to keep caring for people in need and would recommend Right at Home to all seniors and caregivers for its flexibility and friendliness"!

Our Hero Caregiver, EmilyEmily Soldridge has been with us for almost 2 years. She is a RN student who says "was driven to look for a job that will help me to become a better nurse". She says: "I am not just a caregiver. I love building relationships and I am more than a friend to them. I like to make a difference in my clients' life-it makes me very happy as I make memories every single day".

Our Hero Caregiver, KelcieKelcie Basan in her own words: "I have been with Right at Home since April 2020. I joined the field of caregiving to gain patient experience to become a better nurse once I graduate. This field is about caring for others which is the main reason I want to become a nurse. To me being a caregiver is more than just a job. It is becoming a friend and companion to the clients I take care of. I see most of my clients everyday so I want to build a trusting relationship with them to improve their care and quality of life."

"My typical day of work involves helping with showers, preparing meals, and other household chores. Now during the COVID pandemic, my favorite part of my shifts are learning more about my clients and sharing stories. I enjoy doing activities they like to do such as puzzles, singing, or watching their favorite shows. One of my most memorable experiences was being able to take a client to the Farmers market in town. The client hadn’t been there since the virus happened and it brought her so much joy to get out of the house. I was so happy to give her that experience."

"My goal for the future is to become a nurse. Specifically, I would like to become a pediatric nurse and bring joy to children. When I was in high school my best friend's boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer. I spent many hours at the Children’s hospital and seeing how the nurses changed the patients lives during such a bad time made me passionate about helping children. I would recommend Right at Home to work for because the experiences with the clients are unlike anything else."

Amber Buck, Nursing student Amber Buck nursing student at Cedar Crest College: "I personally think this care giving job has taught me so much. Number one it allowed me to get comfortable working with new people. In the beginning of my time working here I would always get super anxious before coming into shifts but since I have a lot of time with this job- the nervousness has gone away. This job allows me to adapt to different types of clients with varying needs and abilities. Being able to put a smile on my client’s face is the best part of the job. Knowing that they enjoy my care is really what keeps me going in this field. This type of work really allows you to get close with clients and to understand how to deal with different types of situations. After working here for a while I’ve been able to establish confidence in myself and the care I provide to my clients and this helps me be a better caregiver. "

Seana IsaacSeana Isaac "It is helpful to work with clients because I can gain more experience in order to have good bedside manner in the future. Although I am not able to treat patients, I am able to care for, interact and make conversation with, and learn how to make their lives easier by listening to their needs. I am currently completing clinical hours for the 5 year Physician Assistant program I am in at Jefferson University. What I enjoy most about my job is listening to clients talk and reminisce about their lives. I love getting to hear about their pasts and what makes them who they are today."

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