Free Wheelchair Mission Trip to Vietnam

Lanette Duggan, owner of Right at Home North Central Massachusetts, visited Vietnam in 2018 as part of the Free Wheelchair Mission Vision Trip. She shares some of her experience and the people she met on the trip, including Na.

The first thing you noticed about Na when she entered the building using her wooden crutches was a contagious smile. She had arrived by motorbike sitting behind her father, and after the 9 kilometer trip to the community auditorium she was excited and full of anticipation. She was shy, excited and humble. She knew her Father was getting older and it was difficult to transport her. They were so thoughtful and not wanting for any help. I wanted to get her better crutches at least.

Na had been waiting over 4 years for a wheelchair. She had been partially paralyzed since she was 3 years old. Now at 36 years old, she was being given an opportunity to supplement her travels with a wheelchair. I asked her what she was going to do with her new wheels she said "I just want to go out and garden in my yard." She enjoys being outside to enjoy the fresh air and reading about the world.

Her family had always been there to help, and the wheelchair now represented a bit more independence and freedom.

After the program we waved goodbye to Na. Her smile never wavered which made her beautiful pink and purple jacket shine in the sun. A family friend had come with a truck to help her take her new wheelchair home. I knew I wouldn’t see her again and I hope she’s living out her dreams.

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