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Kadi Agrignan - Owner

Birth Month: May

Hobbies: Watching my kids play soccer, and hanging out with friends

Education: B.A. in Healthcare Administration

Experience: I worked as a nurse aide in a nursing home, as an in-home aide for about ten years. I started working here at Right at Home shortly before graduating my bachelor’s program.

Why I love my job: Firstly, I like helping people. Secondly, I have a special needs son at home. When my son was sick, I was responsible for taking care of him around the clock. It can be overwhelming taking care of a loved one, always putting them first, above ourselves. A care provider needs to practice self-care and put themselves first in order to take care of others. Combining my prior nurse aide experience, and taking care of my son, I have been on both sides of the situation; both as a care provider, and as a client (family member). When situations arise at work, I can put myself in their shoes, and relate. I understand how it feels, and that has helped me succeed in my position here.

What I want our clients to know about me: I am a French speaker, in addition to English and two other Togolese dialects.

Fun Fact: I speak five languages: I like to dance, and love to travel!



Birth Month: March

Hobbies: Drawing/art, and knitting

Education: B.A. in Psychology at UNL ‘14

Experience: I spent six years at Region V, helping those with mental and physical disabilities, taking people to appointments, errands, etc… I also worked at Center Point at the front desk, seeing things from a different perspective, interacting a lot with a large concentration of people in poverty, helping them find housing, and make those resources available to them.

Why I love my job: I have always loved helping people, and there is always something to learn, whether it is from clients, or from experience gained from the office. It is helpful meeting different people, and no day is like the next.

What I want our clients to know about me: I have always been fond of helping other people and want to learn from their experiences.

Fun Fact: When I was younger, I was good at rollerblading.



Birth Month: September

Hobbies: Landscaping, decorating, camping

Education: AS in Human Services, BS in Communications

Experience: Being an only child I was raised with a lot of responsibilities. My father owned his own redwood patio furniture business and my mother worked for an insurance company. After school, it was my responsibility to clean and get supper ready for my parents. I also had to help my father with his business. In 2005, my father passed away from Leukemia and my mother passed in 2016 from two strokes. So, from an early age it was my responsibility to care for my parents as they cared for me. I have worked primarily in retail in my younger years. Then with my human services degree went into the mental health and substance abuse field.

Why I love my job:Starting out in the field of caregiving you see a lot of situations. In listening to clients tell their stories, home is where they hold memories and feel safe. To be able to provide care and support our clients need and deserve. To increase the longevity and independence of one's life so they can build more memories is why I love my job.

What I want our clients to know about me:I want the best for our clients. To do this, the staff and caregivers work hard to make positive and professional connections. We are not perfect, we do make mistakes, it is a part of life. When clients, caregivers and staff work together we create a sturdy foundation.

Fun Fact: I raised thoroughbred horses!

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