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Right at Home Lincoln, NE is Committed to Providing Quality Home Care

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Client satisfaction is very important to us and proves that your loved ones are consistently receiving the best care. When a client is happy, everyone is happy. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction being a factor that helps us stand out above other home care agencies. 

To ensure customer satisfaction, we make certain that our Caregivers are following the custom care plan and attending to the clients needs. Communication is key and we always ask questions, as well as follow up, to make sure we go the extra mile to help, offering constant support.

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Read what our clients have to say:

"I couldn't do without them. They have helped me by giving me free time and time to myself." - Sue

"It's definitely improved her quality of life. It allows her to go shopping without making her feel like she's a burden on her children." - Angel

"They always do exactly what I need. All I need is for them to go to the grocery store for me and do my washing, and they help me with a bath and make the bed." - Barb

"I like that they do a good job as far as getting employees when we need them. They follow up and communicate. The caregivers are very good. If for some reason someone leaves, they take care of it." - Bridget

"They are there 24 hours a day, which I like." - Bob

"She cooks my breakfast, does my medications, helps me put my socks on, makes sure that I am doing okay and that I am comfortable." - Sherbert

"The caregivers do what it takes to get the job done and there is one that goes above and beyond." - Donald

"They are wonderful gals. Very friendly. They cook, clean, and comb my hair. She's always working until it is time to leave. They understand if I'm not feeling well. I appreciate the friendly and compassionate caregivers." - Anna


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