Little Rock, AR
(501) 954-7066

Latrice Summons

Latrice is caring, kind-hearted, and attentive. She always goes above and beyond for her clients, and her Right at Home family here in Little Rock. Latrice is dependable, cooperative, punctual, and very neat in appearance. She is always smiling and once assigned to a client, her personality naturally wins them over.

Latrice talks to the clients and their loved ones as if they were her own family. She encourages them to do the things that would make life for them easier, and if they try and don't succeed, she does it for them, without question. One Client said "I am very satisfied with Latrice's work. Latrice is a very good cook, always on time, and stays late when needed. She is awfully good and very dependable. It would be hard for me to be without her. She's the best of the bunch." Another client loved one said. "Latrice is a jewel, and Dad just loves her. I know Dad can be stubborn, but Latrice sticks right in there with him."

Latrice is very serious about her job. She has proven her dedication to RAH repeatedly. She cared for a husband and wife client during the end of their lives. She represented RAH at the funeral and consoled the family. Latrice has sent several caregivers she knew outside of RAH in to us for interviews. All of which were good candidates for employment. Latrice has a mentally challenged son. Any time she has outside of RAH she spends with him. The extra time she works when needed or during Holiday away from her son is the support and commitment she gives Right at Home.

Latrice is professional and has a quiet but outgoing personality that spreads love wherever she works. Her co-workers respect and look up to her, and enjoy being in her presence because she is always positive. Latrice in her own subtle way, demands team work, and respect. "You do this, while I do this", or "Let’s do this together!" She is a team player! She works the hours she’s needed, and offers the family extra help before she leaves her shift. Her care notes are well documented and signed off each of her shifts. She encourages her peers to "document everything, that way if anything happens or is in question were all covered."

Latrice took a leave of absence from nursing school to care for her son. She came to work for Right at Home to make ends meet. She had a good bit of training and experience when she was hired. She is always open to continued education. She is enrolled in Right at Home University. She was also awarded caregiver of the month.

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