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A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat. A caregiver opening the door of an old blue truck before helping his client into the passenger seat.

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Defining Our Success Through the Words of Clients and Loved Ones

Nothing means more to Right at Home Longview's leaders and care staff than the words of clients, clients' families, and their loved ones. Their opinions, comments, and feedback are vital to consistently providing the professional, personal, and compassionate care clients deserve. We're proud of what our clients and their loved ones regularly share with us because it helps make us better at what we do, serving you.

Female Client Sitting Outdoors With Female Caregiver Female Client Sitting Outdoors With Female Caregiver

Reviews Help Others Find Quality Care

Reviews are as trusted as personal recommendations and according to statistics sometimes more trusted. Sharing your experiences can help others find the care and support they deserve when searching for senior home care in Longview and surrounding communities. Your comments offer reassurance that Right at Home Longview is a team of highly-trained, professional, and compassionate caregivers with only client needs in mind. Please take a moment to write a review of your experiences with Right at Home. We appreciate you, and we know others looking for care will benefit from your review. Thank you!

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See what our clients and their loved ones are saying about us.

Reta in Longview

Krysti with RetaReta Griffin moved from New Mexico to Longview Texas two years ago due to health conditions. She and her husband have always lived private lives, always taking care of each other’s needs when situations occurred. In January 2017 Mrs. Griffin endured a fall that forced the couple to consider more assistance in the home.

“Our first caregiver was Trish. We had never used any services like this before, so I didn’t know what to expect. The doorbell rang as scheduled, I opened the door, and in walked this smiling lady like she had been here a million times before!”

Mr. Griffin says while giving my shoulder a playful grudge. Mr. Griffin opens up to us about life before Right at Home; “Things were getting harder, we are both getting older and it was obvious to me that if I wanted to keep her safe, I had to back off and let someone else help me take care of her. Trish came in and bonded with Reta immediately. It was obvious that she truly cared about her.”

Shortly after, Trisha received a promotion as the Longview area Care Manager. “I was worried and sad. I grew to love her and I didn’t want someone else to be sent out who didn’t have the heart she does.” Mrs. Griffin told us, “But then came Krysti, and she has been so amazing to me!”Trisha with Reta

Mrs. Griffin says she relies on Right at Home for her showers, preventing falls and “having someone to brighten her day”.

Both Mr. And Mrs. Griffin look forward to Krysti showing up for her shifts and say they cannot put into words how thankful and blessed they are to have her. The Griffins give Right at Home an “A++ in our book!!"

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin, for allowing us to help!




Ellen in Longview

Ellen with caregiversMs. Brinson decided to do some research after having a bad experience with another company. She was on the hunt for an honest, dependable, consistent and friendly company to help her with her daily needs. While watching T.V. a Right at Home commercial came on and “I just couldn’t get it out of my head,” says Ms. Brinson.

Ms. Brinson’s daughter gave us a call June 23, 2016 and she started services with us three days later. She says she couldn’t be more pleased! “Having Mandy (Caregiver, pictured on the right) allows me to get things done that others might take for granted. I get my laundry done. She helps me clean out my fridge, and best of all, she has a heart of gold!”

“If I see one of my friends struggling with something, before I have to open my mouth Mandy is on her way down the hall to lend a hand. Right at Home has been so helpful! I can call Trish (Care Manager, pictured on the left) with any question and she always calls me back,” says Ms. Brinson.

Ellen with MandyBefore becoming a Right at Home client, Ms. Brinson was having falls several times a week. We are proud to say, she has not had a single fall since she has been with us!

When asked what her favorite qualities of Right at Home were, she responded, “Honesty! And taking the time to place a caregiver in my home that I have grown to love. I wish everyone could have a Mandy, but not mine!!”

Five Star Rating for In-Home Care
"Our caregiver, Jenny is wonderful for my 94 yr old mother. Jenny is cheerful, kind, efficient, concerned, and encourages my mother to join in daily activity. Jenny communicates with me making good suggestions for improvement (shower chair). I believe Jenny has enhanced my mother's health, safety, and happiness. Thank you for this peace of mind - I live 500+ miles away."Mary Lee

Five Star Rating for In-Home Care
"Very great home care service and help for me. I thank my girls for the care and being kind to an old man. Very helpful and professional to work with. On time and reliable to be here for me. Very hard workers and they do cooking too."William

Five Star Rating for In-Home Care
"It is my pleasure to write to you about Diane, our home health aide. As the wife of her client, I am so relieved to know that my husband is in her kind hands when I leave for work. Diane is just the right amount of 'doing' without taking over our home. She lets Mike 'lead' what he wants/needs to do on each of her visits and helps him wholeheartedly. Diane is thoughtful as she carefully watches over Mike. She encourages him while he completes his assigned exercises."Mike's Wife

Five Star Rating for In-Home Care
"I can’t say enough good things about Right at Home. My blind, wheelchair bound father found himself in the hospital without even the ability to get himself a sip of water. The Right at Home caregivers were there for him, helping with the little things and advocating on his behalf with the big things. A home health aide rode back with him and stayed with him at home while he recovered. I highly recommend this home care service."Dr. L

Five Star Rating for In-Home Care
"Can't recommend a better service. Our caregiver does a great job. We find Right at Home almost like family. We don't feel like the caregivers are strangers. They are great helpers, multi-talented cooks, cleaners and drivers. They are versatile and they match the skills to my needs. They make me feel like the most important person in the house."Patricia

Five Star Rating for In-Home Care
"Great people, great service. My mom was a difficult case and they stuck with her."Vicky

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