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  • Long Term Care Insurance is a Must!

    Allison Warner, Owner, AM Warner Insurance is just the specialist with whom you may want to speak. Allison prides herself in offering the best service and products possible to her clients. Visit Allison's website today for further information or to contact her.

  • GuardiaCare Promotes Stability for Persons at Risk

    For more than 30 years, GuardiaCare has been dedicated to "promoting and supporting independent and stable lives for persons at physical and financial risk.  Please check out their website for more information on services and programs.

  • Alzheimers Stage Pattern Development

    Alzheimer disease could be from mild, moderate, moderately severe and severe Alzheimer's disease or explained as stages falling in general division of early-stage, mid-stage and late-stage categories. Experts have made a basic framework, stating the development of Alzheimer disease in its stage pattern of development. This framework is based on a system developed by Barry Reisberg, M.D., Clinical Director of the New York University School of Medicine's Silberstein Aging and Dementia Research Center.

  • Aging and Age Related Change

    Many people become anxious about developing memory impairments as they transition into being senior citizens and begin to worry that forgetting details is the first sign of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Confusion and loss of memory were thought to be inevitable parts of aging in the past, but we now know that people can still be able and alert despite aging. Senior citizens and those responsible for providing their elder care should be aware of these changes in memory and work to prevent, identify, and treat them.

  • Latest News & Information - Financial Management for the Elderly

    Our goal is to educate the community on the latest news and information regarding personal financial management and fiduciary services. 

     Whether you are a family member of an older adult, a client, an attorney, CPA, financial advisor or a busy professional we hope you will find our newsletter to be valuable.

  • Seniors Mental Health and Depression

    A majority of men and women from the ages of 55-74 report they are satisfied with their lives and are currently in good health. While periods of depression may occur among seniors, it is important to remember that it is not a normal part of aging.

  • Test Your Brain Health IQ

    How much do you know about your brain and memory? The brain is like any other part of the body. Certain natural, predictable changes take place as we grow older. But today, brain researchers are learning more and more about the mysteries of the aging mind. 

    Check it out and good luck!

  • Adult Caregiving Guide (Download)

    We're proud to offer our new Adult Caregiving Guide.

  • Senior Support Services, Call 2-1-1

    Call 2-1-1 to connect with senior support services, is an introduction of a “one-stop-shop phone number” that connects elders to people who can answer their questions about support services such as food banks, adult day cares, rental and utility assistance, home maker services and respite care.

  • Increased Tension Over the Care of Aging Relatives

    Today many family members live far away from each other, making it more difficult to monitor the condition and care of elderly relatives. Sometimes family members are not even aware of the needs of the elderly relatives or the current condition of their care. For all of these reasons, it is important to have seniors take proactive steps ahead of time to minimize the chances of guardianship proceedings or custody battles later.

  • New Clinical Trials Published for Alzheimer's Disease

    Research Update for the Alzheimer's research and treatment community.

  • Create an “Optimal” Transition to Home Experience

    One of the challenging aspects to taking a loved one home from the hospital or nursing home is  making the transition back home again. Regardless of how many times you do it, it's never easy.  And, no matter how in tune we think we are with regard to senior care and elderly care issues, there are always many issues we may need to address.  This article is a great resource for any family member who is transitioning a loved one home.

  • Adult Day Care Center - GuardiaCare in Louisville, Kentucky

    GuardiaCare in Louisville, Kentucky has availability for senior care  in the Adult Day Care Center.   The hours of operations are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.   For 40 years, GuardiaCare has been dedicated to “promoting and supporting independent and stable lives for persons at physical and financial risk."  The center is staffed with qualified nursing personnel. 

    Costs for the daycare services are calculated on a sliding scale.  Medicaid is  accepted.  GuardiaCare will assist with qualifying for Medicaid.  They will also help arrange for transportation if needed.  For more information, call 585-9949 or visit www.guardiacare.org.

  • AARP Has a Great Caregiving Website

    Find tools, worksheets and tips on how to plan, prepare and succeed as a caregiver.

  • Become a Fan of Right At Home on Facebook

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  • Aging in Place Guide - Free From Metlife

    Check out this free step-by-step guide to help assess care needs when considering the aging in place option.

  • 8 Great Caregiver Blogs

    As a family caregiver trying to do your best to help your aging loved one while also juggling your job, family and many other commitments, you’re probably looking for all the support you can get. Check out each of these blog referrals for a wealth of resourceful caregiver information … 

  • Top 13 Ways to Reduce Readmission Rates

     Here are the top 13 ways to reduce hospital readmission rates.

  • Caring e-newsletter

    Our latest Right at Home Caring e-newsletter is now available.

  • Medicare.gov is a helpful resource for Medicare recipients

    Medicare.gov provides information about the parts of Medicare, what’s new, and how to find Medicare plans, facilities, or providers.

  • Tips for Caregivers Who Take Care of Individuals Who Are Sick

    Here is a great link for caregivers who take care of individuals who are sick.  This linke provides great information on how to not get sick while taking care of someone else who is.

  • H.E.L.P. - A Resource Link for Seniors

    The Healthcare and Elder Law Programs Corporation (H.E.L.P.) is a nonprofit resource dedicated to “empowering seniors, their families and caregivers to make better choices.” The organization strives to offer informative resources about elder care, law, finances and consumer protection

  • Caring.Com offers great advice to Right at Home clients and caregivers

    Right at Home uses Caring.Com as one of it's most trusted resources for aging adult, senior care and caregivers issues. Check it out.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Hearing Health for Veterans
  • Parkinson's Support Center On-Line Calendar Now Available

    The Parkinson's Support Center publishes an on-line calendar.  Check out all of the events and Parkinson's resources.

  • Senior Care Winter Safety Tips

    Check out the many safety tips to help keep seniors safe this winter.

  • Senior Care - How to Avoid Falling During the Night time

    Many seniors suffer from slip and fall accidents at night and there are many reasons why this happens. Slip and fall accidents at night is the reason why seniors who stay indoors still end up with broken hips or head trauma and land at hospitals.

  • Aid & Attendance Benefit Available for Veterans and Spouses

    Many veterans and their spouses do nt realize the beneifts available to them from the Veteran's Administration.  Here is some great information.

  • EverydayHealth.Com is a Great Senior Health Resource

    If you're looking for great tips to staying healthy during the senior years - from taking advantage of senior benefits to maintaining brain health to keeping sex alive to having a Q & A session with an expert, Everydayhealth.com is a great resource.

  • Latest Newsletter from the Parksinson's Support Center of Kentuckiana

    The newletter from the Parkinson's Support Center of Kentuckiana is an awesome senior care resource.  They offer support groups and training, on-line and printed materials, and workshops that help caregivers understand things like how to properly deal with medications to the differences between levodopa and carbidopa to how to reduce stress for the caregivers.  Check out this great newsletter.

  • Has Your Parent Had a Stroke?

     Every year, about 700,000 people in the U.S. have a stroke, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.   Here are some great tips to help you help your loved one.

  • Strengthening Older Muscles - Right at Home Provides Helpful Link

    The New York Post offers great recommendations for aging adults and seniors regarding strengthening their muscles and staying healthy.  Each decade, older adults lose about 3 percent of their lean body mass, mostly muscle, according to Dr. David Heber, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Customized Alzheimer's Assessment Available for Your Loved One

    Developed by a practicing geriatrician, a geriatric psychiatrist and other Alzheimer’s specialists, Steps & Stages offers a free Custom Care Guide, customized e-mail newsletters, and stage support groups. Thousands of families find it to be:

    Personalized:“I’ve never seen this anywhere else. I can plug in information about my husband’s symptoms and Steps & Stages explains in detail why this is happening – and what I can do about it.”

    Relevant:“I can communicate better with doctors, and it gives me actual quotes I can use with my mom, too – giving me words that are really hard to find myself.”

    Helpful:"The tips are helpful, both in letting me know how to take care of my mom and in reminding me to take care of myself."

    Supportive:"It provides the help and support I need to cope with what's happening now and what's coming next."

  • Pneumonia is a potentially dangerous illness for the aging population

  • Redefine Yourself For Retirement

    If you're like most folks, you have your doubts about retiring. On one hand you may be elated. On the other hand, you may be a bit frustrated because you have no idea what the future entails. We'll, we're here to tell you that shifting gears from a working professional to a successful retiree can be easy.  Please check out this valuable link to learn about redefining yourself for retirement . . . plus many more valuable tips.

  • Nazareth Home Provides Great Senior Care Information

    A long-term care facility with licensed nursing facility beds, and licensed personal care beds. Nazareth Home provides three levels of care: Personal, Intermediate, and Skilled. Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

  • 10 Tips to Help Teach Seniors to Use the Computer

    Many aging adult and seniors are now using the computer, and some of them are quite good.  Using the computer can help seniors to become happier, more engaged, healthier and just more alert and oriented overall.

  • Is Home Care a Good Fit for Your Aging Parents or Loved One?

    In-home care for an older adult -- whether you're caring for a spouse, aging parents, or or other loved ones -- is full of challenges but can be a rewarding and practical choice. Find out if home care is a good fit, what do to if things go wrong, and whether you can get paid to provide home care for a loved one. 

  • 10 Warning Signs Your Bones Are Thinning -- and What You Can Do Now

    We all know an older person with osteoporosis -- it's one of the most common problems of aging, striking more than half of all adults over age 50. And we all hope osteoporosis doesn't happen to us, since weak bones can lead to fractures, and fractures, in turn, lead to all sorts of scary consequences.

  • Alzheimer's Virtual Library

    Welcome to the Virtual Library at the Alzheimer's Association Green-Field Library. 
    We're here to help you get answers to your questions and to dig deeply into topics that are important to you. The Green-Field Library is the nation's largest library and resource center devoted to increasing knowledge about Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Our expert library staff fulfills thousands of inquiries each year, serving a variety of audiences.

  • Tips to Help Senior Slow the Aging Process From Caring.com

    The aging process in inevitable.  We can  go along quietly with that process and possibly become someone we would prefer not to be as we age.  Or we can do something about slowing the aging process and live as full as possible in our older years.

    We get lots of wake-up calls that we're getting older. Suddenly we can't make it up the hill without stopping for breath, or we misplace the keys -- or acquaintances' names -- more often. But no whining; there's also lots we can do to slow the aging process.

  • Elder Advisers and Larry Weiss helps to ensure you don't go broke in a nursing home!

    Since 1996, Mr. Larry Weiss has been helping clients in Southern Indiana and Kentucky with financial planning and asset protection.  Elder Advisers provides personal, one-on-one financial advice and guidance to seniors and their families, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

  • Fern Creek/Highview United Minstries Inc Offers Help to the Community on a Daily Basis

    Fern Creek/Highview United Ministries (FCHUM) is a not-for-profit social service agency founded in 1988 by 10 local churches in the Louisville, Kentucky area. A group of representatives from 10 different churches met and made a commitment to move beyond their denominational ties to work together to meet the needs of our community. Today, FCHUM is supported by area churches representing a large cross-section of different denominations working together who help make many significant contributions within the community on a daily basis.

  • UnderstandingMedicaid and Eligibility: A State-by-State Guide

    Finding affordable health insurance can be difficult for many people, which is why nearly 70 million uninsured individuals in America turn to Medicaid. This program allows those who can’t afford private healthcare the chance to get their medical needs met by covering their medical costs. And with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have health insurance you can count on.

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