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A female caregiver talking to an elderly woman in a wheelchair at a flower garden A female caregiver talking to an elderly woman in a wheelchair at a flower garden

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Others that have been in a similar situation of looking for in-home care for themselves or their loved one have written about their experiences with us. Seeing what they have written about their experience may help you in your search for home care.

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Our Clients Say It Best...

"It makes all the difference. They do what I can't or have great difficulty doing myself. It's overall superb. They clean the kitchen and bathroom. They vacuum. Paulette and Idella are absolutely great. They have a very special people skill to see what needs to be done and do it. I didn't have to tell Paulette to make the bed, I just turned around and it was made. She also took me to doctor, which was essential. Their very presence is comforting."

- Beatrice (Client of 1 year)

"We get calls right after things are done and they have great communication. It makes my life a lot easier. They do some exercises with me. We work in the garden and we go for walks. We go run errands together. He is a very intelligent guy and he is considerate. Any time we make a call we always get a call back which is very important. He is comfortable when he is here. He is very lowkey and he is willing to do anything. He will do things without me having to tell him."

- John (Client of 1 year)

"The agency sends me professionals and I like the caregivers very much. The caregivers come and they go right to work. They are very thorough and do things I cannot do for myself. The caregivers clean, do laundry, put everything away, etc."

- Margaret (Client of 2 years)

"They were on time and helped me with getting home from the hospital after my operation. If I needed home care in the area, I would call them again because they were very helpful and everything ran smoothly with them… it was a nice experience."

- Wylie (Client of less than 1 year)

"Right at home agency has been a god send. The administrative staff goes above and beyond to make sure families are happy and all of their needs are met. The care givers truly become a part of the family."

- Traci (Client of 1 year)

"I was extremely pleased with the help that Right at Home gave me to get an aide for my brother. Albert was patient, informative and caring. Tracy did an excellent job of finding an aide. Highly recommend this agency. I live out of State and the agency was able to organize help for getting my brother from the hospital/ rehab center to his home."

- Linda (Sister of Client)

"We moved my 91 year old Mother from Florida to New York. She was totally overwhelmed by the change. Joyce stepped in with kindness, patience and competence and has been an angel. We don't know what we would do without her!"

- Jean (Daughter of Client)

"I work at Hamilton-Madison House and it has been a pleasure to work with Albert and his staff at Right at Home. The clients that I work with have been positive about the aides and the quality of the assistance provided. When there have been questions or concerns, Albert and his team are responsive and have resolved everything in a timely and satisfactory way."

- JH (Senior Care Professional)

"Joyce and Albert are simply outstanding caregivers. They show real dedication to their mission. When my elderly mother fell, at night, they shepherded her through her ER experience, took her home, made themselves available through the night, and arranged for excellent follow up care. All-in-all, very confidence inspiring. They are well organized, professional, and efficient. If you looking for elder care, this is your team."

- Dr. Mika L (Adult Child of Client)

"The caregivers that Right at Home of Lower Manhattan provided my Mom who suffers from dementia were always kind, compassionate and knew how to anticipate my Mom's needs. My Mom thought the caregivers were wonderful. They were attentive to her and also assisted in taking care of her beloved beagle, Charley.  The office staff regularly communicated with me giving me updates on my Mom's situation, making suggestions and asked for my feedback. The staff and caregivers went above and beyond when my Mon's medication ran low, they contacted the appropriate people and made sure she got what is needed. Since I live out of state and my mom lived alone in midtown Manhattan it was a significant source of comfort for me to know that she had a caring and compassion support system from Right at Home.  Right at Home of Lower Manhattan also helped smooth the transition of my Mom to an assisted living facility community closer to me when that need became apparent."

- Peter (Son of Client of 2 years)

caregiver companion with senor caregiver companion with senor

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A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.
A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"The caregiver that Right at Home sent me is heaven-sent. She is patient and kind. I feel safe when I’m with her. I am 97 years old, and I don’t get out much; but thanks to the caregiver, I’m going outside more, and I feel great."
Hilda P.

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"We have been using Right at Home for my mother. My mother told me that she has lucked-out with Claire, her companion. We can't thank Claire enough. Today, she was upbeat, happy ans talkative. We appreciate greatly the attention my Mom is getting. She absolutely loves Claire."

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I have used Right at Home Lower Manhattan. I was completely satisfied with my caregiver, Tracy. I would request for her again!"

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I used Right at Home of Lower Manhattan for one day of service. I was totally satisfied with their services and I would definitely use them again and I would request the same caregiver that they sent to me because he was very good."
Ryan M.

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"Idella and Tracey were great! They helped me out when I really needed support at the last minute."
Sheila B.

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"From signing the service agreement to meeting the caregiver everyone was punctual and pleasant. Shauna was on time, took great care of my mom and made herself available to help out with other chores. I would definitely recommend Right at Home in the future."
Toby W.

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"They visited me when I was in the hospital and when I was in rehab. The owner and his assistant attended my doctor meetings and helped me a great deal. They went far beyond what they said they could do."
Gertrud K.

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"We use Right at Home for my uncle. I am so impressed with their concern and attention to details. They are above and beyond the call of what I expected"

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"They provided a resourceful, educated caregiver for my sister. She was a total professional in a sometimes challenging environment. I would contact them again if the need arises."
Karen G.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"They made my place immaculate. I love Idella. She helped me so much."
Michael G.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"My mom had Jutoya M. and absolutely loved her. She has cared for my mom twice and my mom would like to continue to have her."
David F.

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