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Right at Home of Lower Manhattan wanted to show appreciation to health care workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic and help local restaurants, so we decided to participate in the catering site ezcater, which set up #FeedTheFrontLine which sends meals from local restaurants to local hospitals. Find out how you can help show your appreciation for these brave men and women too!

navigating home care presentation

Communication Workers Local 1180 Home Care Presentation

Albert Eshoo, Owner Right at Home Lower Manhattan and Tracey Harris Staffing Coordinator Right at Home of Lower Manhattan presented to 25 Communication Worker of America Local 1180 Retirement members about the difference between Right at Home and the other home care options available in NYC.

Senior client and family

Parkinson's and It's Psycho-social Impact on Patients and Families

On Tuesday, November 26, Right at Home of Lower Manhattan and LESIAC (Lower East Side Inter-Agency Council) sponsored a breakfast meeting on Parkinson’s and it's Psychosocial Impact on Patient’s and Families.

Home Care for Elderly Radio Interview

Albert Eshoo was discussing Home Care for Elderly on the radio show "On Point with JP, Kathy and the Crew.

Joyce Barocas Albert Eshoo

Don’t Make Assumptions. Listen Mindfully and Be Inclusive

We learned not to make any assumptions, to be mindful of maintaining a client’s privacy, and to be inclusive,” says Joyce Barocas. “My hope is that with time, the LGBT community becomes more accepted and life is easier for them. We can’t move backwards at this point; we have to keep making progress in the right direction.

Grief and Coping with Loss Workshop

Grief is a very deeply personal reaction; there is no wrong or right, it’s not a straight line that has a beginning and an end and there is no set time period.

Caregiver Appreciation - Wendee

We want to give a shoutout to our caregiver Wendee for her thoughtfulness and making such a positive impact! Thank you Wendee!


Fall Prevention Strategies

Cabrini Apartments Residents Learn Fall Prevention Strategies from Right at Home

Hoarding and Older Adults

People with hoarding disorder have difficulty discarding or parting with possessions. They feel a strong attachment to items and often attach meanings to their belongings. They believe in saving all items for possible future use, yet are not aware of the health and safety consequences of hoarding.

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