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A female caregiver sits across from an elderly female patient, looking at her. They both smile. A female caregiver sits across from an elderly female patient, looking at her. They both smile.

2020 Lower Manhattan Caregiver of the Year

The Right at Home of Lower Manhattan, 2020 Caregiver of the Year is Idella!

Idella has been a team member with Right Home of Lower Manhattan for 5.5 years.  Idella’s favorite quote says a lot about her passion for caregiving:

Kindness can transform someone's dark moment with a blaze of light. You never know how much your caring matters. Make a difference for another today.” - Amy Leigh Mercree

The 2020 Right at Home Lower Manhattan Caregiver of the Year - Idella
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Thanks Idella, for all you do, and congratulations!

What makes Idella extraordinary:

Idella is the personification of dependable. She stuck with us right through Covid-19 from the beginning. She has handled some of our toughest dementia cases as well as those with substance abuse problems. All of her clients praise her and comment on her compassion. She is also attending school at night to further herself in the healthcare field.

Idella has one of our earliest clients who is going on 102 in December. The client actually attended Idella’s son's graduation this past year. The office has sponsored a couple a birthday parties for this client and Idella not only attends but ensures all of the details are attended to.

Once Idella used her own CVS points to save a client money on a drugstore prescription.

As you can imagine she is compassionate with a client who suffers from alcoholism. She has weathered some verbal abuse and the family cannot thank us enough for her patience.

Idella has referred several people over the years to us. In addition she has referred some quality caregivers as well. She never calls out and is always willing to help out the staffing coordinator in a pinch.

Idella primarily does short hour cases that are exceedingly difficult to staff and will often do several different clients in a day. Idella represents Right at Home in spectacular fashion.

Idella worked throughout the period of Jan 2020 to the present and never, ever called out on a case. She was willing to take on new cases when others disappeared.

What Idella has to say about working as a part of our team:

"They are very good with pairing clients with caregivers. They are resourceful about filling the clients' needs.  They go into the home with me and introduce me to the client. It is very personal. They want to make sure everyone is comfortable.  They make me feel very appreciated and they tell me the client's feedback.  Whenever I come in, they make sure I have what is needed. They chart everything and answer all my questions.  They always find the perfect match. They are very good at this.  To create an extraordinary experience for my clients, I take them on outings and do their exercises with them."

- Idella

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