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Our Madison Home Care Team

Anna Lezotte, Owner Right at Home Madison


I was born and raised in the Madison area and continue to live here with my family. Nothing is more important to me than home and community, and becoming a Right at Home owner allows me to contribute to the place I love in a direct a meaningful way.

My previous career was as a scientist. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I moved into positions where I was helping to develop and manufacture tests for diagnosing diseases with a company called EraGen Biosciences. From there, I moved to Promega, where I continued working in diagnostic testing, as well as forensics and making products used in criminal and paternity testing. I spent over 15 years working in this field, and my time with these companies helped me develop my skills in supervision, product and process management.

After the sudden passing of her father-in-law and experiencing the patience, compassion and dedication that caregiving encompasses, I became inspired to help seniors retain their independence and their families find balance. For several years, I researched different ways I could provide services that met this vision, and upon learning about in-home care services, knew that I had found the right fit. Knowing I had found the work that would feed my soul and contribute to my community, I left the sciences and became owner of Right at Home – Madison. I am so excited to utilize the skills I have gained thus far in my career to build a strong, dedicated team that is committed to realizing our mission of improving the quality of life for those we serve.

Right at Home – Madison is truly a family business. My husband, Kirit, although not involved in day to day operations, is a critical member of the team and will use his 20+ years of accounting and financial experience to help drive the business forward. He was born and raised in Neillsville, WI and moved to Madison while he attended UW-Madison. He loved the area so much he never left. We will also find many ways to include our 4 children in the business. We look forward to having them help in the office, connect with clients and participate in volunteering activities. Finally, my mother, Joanne, who recently retired from a 35+ year career as nurse, will be working with the company to ensure we are providing outstanding care and support of our clients. I am truly honored and privileged to be able to work directly in this community with my family, and look forward to providing you with the Right Care, Right at Home.

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