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Our mission has always been to improve the quality of life for the seniors and adults with disabilities we serve. That means it's always about the people we serve and our dedicated team of caregivers and office members who work tirelessly to care for clients. We live and breathe our mission every day, with the goal of helping you navigate the journey. These are the people who work to bring you and your loved ones the highest caliber of in home care.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a full range of home care services that include 24/7 care, companionship, activities, meal preparation, housekeeping, errands and transportation, medication reminders, and assistance with personal care. Our staff is committed to making sure that your experience and outcome with Right at Home Mid-Ohio Valley is positive.

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Chrisy Heiss


Chrisy Heiss was born in Marietta, Ohio graduated from Marietta High School and made the decision to stay local for her college education and attended Washington State Community College. It was there she earned an associate degree in General Science and her Physical Therapist Assistant license. Her career has been in post-acute care with skilled nursing facilities, home health, and outpatient therapy services for the past 15 years. During that time, she executed training for caregivers, clinicians, and managers on several clinical programs. Chrisy gained the knowledge and experience with discharge planning, attending family care conferences, identifying the needs for equipment, recommending home modifications, and establishing home programs to ensure good carry over after discharge. She became extremely comfortable and knowledgeable with care management of clients in addition to having a strong understanding of Skilled Nursing and Home Health Quality Measures. She can partner with Skilled Nursing and Home Health agencies and provide continuity for their clients by having good communication and a strong understanding on what quality measures impact their settings. It is important for us at Right at Home Mid-Ohio Valley to understand the post-acute industry and how we can work together to ensure the client is receiving the best care.

She is now using that experience to take on a new journey by opening her very own Right at Home in Marietta. When deciding to change her career path from a therapy focused industry she felt that the In-Home Care space was the perfect fit to complement her skills, knowledge, and passion for helping others. As she learned more about In-Home Care, she saw a tremendous need in her area to add another resource for clients and families to help them carry out their plans and goals. From a therapy perspective in skilled nursing, Chrisy has always worked to get her patients to return home safely and now she is excited to change her focus on helping her clients stay home! She has seen firsthand the value of aging in the home, her grandparents being a great example. Heiss says “As my Grandparents started to decline with their health, they needed more support to continue living in their home. It was scary for us at first, making the decision to place a caregiver in their home but as we connected with the caregivers and the agency you could tell they were there to help my Grandparents “Start Living” again. What I mean by “Start Living” was with the help of the caregiver for my Grandmother, she was able to go grocery shopping, she went out to eat a couple of times a week at Bob Evans and enjoyed her shopping trips to Kmart (she had a closet full of clothes and shoes). Her other Grandparents were able to enjoy their life at their home in Waterford, Ohio. For them “Start Living” meant helping them prepare meals, cleaning their house, providing personal care, and support when they transitioned to hospice so they could enjoy their full life at home where they raised their 5 children. Their team of caregivers made sure they were taken care of properly and became part of our family. Both of those stories give me inspiration every day to move forward with this business because of the impact it had one me as a young adult.”

Chrisy’s goals for Right at Home are to provide each of their clients the ability to maintain their independence and continue to enjoy life within the comfort of their home, apartment, or community. Right at Home Mid-Ohio Valley’s delivery of services is mobile, and 100% client focused so it is very easy to take their care with you no matter what the circumstances are. Furthermore, Chrisy says “It is extremely important to me to bring gainful employment and have a great work culture for my employees to be part of. Valuing my employees and building a strong team administratively and with the field staff is a priority to me. They are the backbone to our business, and I feel strongly about investing in all my employees, so they have the right resources and can execute the right mission.”

With more people choosing to have support in their home or place of residence our goal with Right at Home Mid-Ohio Valley is to improve the quality of life to those we serve and touch as many lives as we can.

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Stephanie Cox

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie came to Right at Home with the goal to make a positive impact for our clients and caregivers. She is excited to work closely with our caregivers and clients to give them the best experience with Right at Home. Her entire career has been in the healthcare setting but most recently she worked with I/DD Medicaid Waiver prior to coming to the Right at Home. In her role she focuses on employee and client satisfaction, assisting with long term care insurance, and employee recruitment.

woman with medium length hair wearing maroon sweater sitting in a chair with her arms crossed on her knees woman with medium length hair wearing maroon sweater sitting in a chair with her arms crossed on her knees

Nicole Zimmer

Office Manager

Nicole began her career with Right at Home as the Office Manager in October of 2022. Prior to coming to Right at Home, Nicole was a Rehab Manager and a Physical Therapist Assistant in a skilled nursing facility. During her years of service in skilled nursing she acquired important information and expertise that assist her in the position she holds with Right at Home. Nicole is eager to support clients and their families in achieving the ideal level of independence in their own home by providing the appropriate amount of caregiving support.

woman with short hair dressed in all black sitting in an office woman with short hair dressed in all black sitting in an office

Marchelle Hines

Marketing and Outside Sales

Prior to Right at Home Marchelle worked as marketing/sales and client/family liaison for independent and assistive living facilities, skilled nursing, and home health. Her ability to listen to family's needs and desires and assist them in achieving their outcome is her main focus with Right at Home. She feels that being part of Right at Home allows her to provide the support our clients deserve. Her vision for Right at Home is to offer a wide range of solutions to assist our clients in leading better lives within the comfort of their home.

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