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Caregiver Reviews

Here are some testimonials from our caregivers on the Right at Home team who work hard to "Improve the Quality of Life for Those We Serve."

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From our Caregivers:

"Working with Right at Home, Medina has been a great experience. They are very flexible with my hours/ scheduling, as well as paired me with clients whose needs/ personalities fit my skills." - Elise 
"Right at Home is very easy to understand. To be completely honest I didn’t need much help. The company sent someone to help me out my first day and it was smooth sailing afterwards. I love working here. I get along with a lot of my clients. I miss Ms.N a lot. It was very nice helping her out and she has a beautiful dog named Roxie. Right at Home is a great company. They are all very active with their own phones and you can easily call/text them if something is going on. It’s also nice that they send out the name and info on the patients the night before you have to go out & take care of them. They are very organized and very professional. They know what they are doing and very good at making sure that everyone is doing ok. The reason I chose to work with this company is because it will help me build my resume for colleges next fall when I start reapplying. This is a big opportunity for me to grow as a person, connect with other people and be a better team player. Overall I just love it!" - Yuliza
"I have been with Right at Home for several years. I enjoy all my clients as well as my co- workers. Kelly who does the schedule is always accommodating and very helpful. Pam in the office is very kind and knowledgeable. Right at Home treats you like family and always willing to help you with anything you may need." - Denise
"Right at Home has been a fine company to work for and I’ve enjoyed being able to chat with you all whenever I can get in to the office." - Linda
"Right at Home is a good company. One of the Office staff is readily available even when the office is closed. Sometimes I feel the communication needs work but that probably is partly on me. When I had a full schedule I couldn’t stop in. But overall I am pleased. Me cutting my hours is strictly because I got tired from working so many hours for 9 years! Thank you Lalitha for being you. You are always there to listen." - Jeanette
"Lalitha, Pam & Kelly... your work ethics are Superior. Charming Personalities. Always bringing new updates for Caregivers about current events and situations via gmail, call or text. Lalitha, you run an awesome company and I am happy & enjoy working for Right at Home, Medina. My job is so rewarding & comforting." - Patricia
"Right at Home is a wonderful place to work, allowing you your own individuality while knowing that your managers have your back should you need anything. You’re a wonderful group of ladies to work for😊." - Amber
"So far so good. People are respectful and I feel valued as an employee." - Patricia H. 

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