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Pet Therapy Program 

Welcome to our Right at Home Pet Therapy Program which is complimentary and optional to all of our clients. Our Pet Therapy visits offer a comforting difference from the daily routine and provide an enjoyable social activity that could be beneficial for our clients and all members of the family.

Benefits include: Providing clients with a change from their normal routine Promoting a sense of play and humor Stimulating physical activity and social interaction Diminishing feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression Distraction from pain and anxiety

Our Pet Therapy Dog

Meet MARMALADE (AKA Marley) She is our Right at Home Therapy pooch and a member of our office team!

Pet Therapy Program

Marmalade's Background: She is a 6 year old female Dachshund rescue with a sweet loving personality who weighs approximately 13 pounds. She makes friends with everyone she comes in contact with. Marmalade is healthy and always up to date with all of her vaccinations and is well groomed. She is gentle, comforting and will make you smile. Marmalade is waiting to meet you and anxious to become your pal! Her owner and handler, Pam Florian is our Right at Home Program Care Coordinator.

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