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Educational and Care Programs

Right at Home Medina/Summit Counties feels it is very important to stay involved with the community. We are always looking for ways to inspire, empower, educate and give back through seminars, fundraisers, workshops and more. Ask us about the next event we have planned. Below are some of the programs we currently offer.

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Brain Em-Power Program

Your Brain Matters!

“The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times. And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  -- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Welcome to Activity Programs that fuel the Brain. Right at Home is partnering with Hippocampus Headquarters.

Brain MemoryGive It That Finishing Touch

The goal of our Active Mind Program is to provide a person centered interaction and engage our clients in fun, challenging, and respectful activities.


Brain stimulating activities are customized to the varied cognitive levels of our individual clients. Our care staff is carefully matched and trained to engage in these activities with our different clients.


The “Brainy Day Activity Program” was created by Mary Ann Friedrick Walker, a nationally certified activity director with 17 years of experience working with seniors and individuals with dementia. 


The “Brainy Day Activity Program” was created to provide daily activities to enhance the lives of individuals with dementia. The program is self-contained, user-friendly and works equally well at home or in a long-term care community.


Embraced by The Alzheimer’s Association of Cleveland, OH


Health Em-Power Program

Your health matters! The Goal is to keep you feeling good with our Health Em-power Program

Right at Home Participates in Study to Improve Aging for Seniors

Partnership Will Help Determine How Home Care Can Improve Senior Health and Reduce Costs

Senior couple eating healthy OMAHA—Right at Home, an international in-home care franchise, is working with researchers from Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy and ClearCare, the provider of software that the Right at Home franchise system uses to better monitor clients to improve at-home senior health care. The program, titled “The Intervention in Home Care to Improve Outcomes,” or simply the “In-Home Program,” will test a new, large-scale, randomized intervention aimed at preventing hospitalizations, improving health outcomes, and lowering Medicare spending among private-pay home care recipients. 

The program consists of two components: The first is early identification of changes in patient condition; and the second is monitoring (or helping to manage) these changes in the home. 

If these changes remain undetected and unmanaged, they frequently escalate into costly hospitalizations. Under this new program, acute changes in a patient’s physical or cognitive status are observed and reported via a Right at Home caregiver’s checklist, using the ClearCare software. Any changes in the patient’s status are communicated in real time to a Right at Home care manager who reviews a reported change in condition and decides on the appropriate course of action. By identifying avoidable conditions in the early stages, determining the appropriate escalation, and then managing the condition in the home, the In-Home Program can achieve the “win-win” of improving outcomes while lowering health care spending for the home care population. Harvard Medical School will be closely monitoring and analyzing how the software and caregivers come together to prevent hospitalizations while reducing costs. 

“According to the U.S. Department of Health, roughly 28 percent – or 11.8 million – American seniors now live alone,” said Allen Hager, Founder and Executive Chair of Right at Home. “While this fact illustrates that there is, indeed, a real need for home help for seniors, what’s even more critical is that it prompts us to gain a deeper understanding and validation of how this help can support a better quality of life.”   

The participants of the In-Home Program are hoping to lower health spending and maximize quality of life as the American population continues to age at a record pace. The program could help promote the option for seniors to remain at home and receive care there as both a cost effective and personally satisfying solution.  

“We are experiencing a massive demographic shift, with older people than younger for the first time in human history,” said Geoff Nudd, CEO of ClearCare. “This fact, in combination with expensive treatments driving the health care cost crisis, is prompting a general examination of how preventative, nonmedical care might be the answer to the problem. This program will provide us with invaluable insight into how the power of home care can improve lives.” 

We do this with ongoing education and training of our care staff!

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Health Watch Program

Right at Home and HealthWatch are partnering together.

This VIP program customizes and offers special discounts to our clients:

  • One time Set-up and Activation Fees, but we have packed the program with Value and Benefits to help offset the fee. Late PM and Weekend appointments Available upon request
  • $29.99 per month- no price increase guaranteed for RAH clients.
  • No long Term Contracts to Sign
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Nothing to purchase
  • No Deposit is required
  • Cancel at any time- no penalty for doing so
  • When Transmitter “Lo-Battery is detected” we replace the battery with a new Panic Button
  • Back-up Battery Replacement at N/C – if the Back-up Power Rechargeable Battery needs replacement, we will replace at N/C
  • Free Service Calls – if a service call is required it will always be at N/C
  • Follow-up Phone Calls on ALL EMERGENCY ACTIVATIONS with EMS Dispatch
  • Call Notifications to Church or Synagogues out Reach Ministry Program- optional and N/C, if the subscriber signs up for the program


HealthWatch Personal Emergency Response Systems

620 East Smith Rd, Medina, Ohio 44256 | Phone: 330.721.7590 | Fax: 330.721.7591 

Alzheimer's and Dementia Specific Care Program

Senior client and familyRight At Home Medina/Summit offers a professional Alzheimer's/Dementia Training program which consists of 3 Levels of Alzheimer's and Dementia Specific Training so that our caregiversare experts in Alzheimer's and Dementia when providing care for your loved one.

We make each level of training exciting, educational and fun for our care team. Our training program provides our care staff with the knowledge and understanding of our clients' needs. We will carefully select a Right at Home Memory Care Provider to match each individual client’s customized care plan.

Overview of Training Program

Pet Therapy

Welcome to our Right at Home Pet Therapy Program which is complimentary and optional to all of our clients. Our Pet Therapy visits offer a comforting difference from the daily routine and provide an enjoyable social activity that could be beneficial for our clients and all members of the family.

Benefits include: Providing clients with a change from their normal routine Promoting a sense of play and humor Stimulating physical activity and social interaction Diminishing feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression Distraction from pain and anxiety

Our Pet Therapy Dog

Meet MARMALADE (AKA Marley) She is our Right at Home Therapy pooch and a member of our office team!

Pet Therapy Program

Marmalade's Background: She is a 6 year old female Dachshund rescue with a sweet loving personality who weighs approximately 13 pounds. She makes friends with everyone she comes in contact with. Marmalade is healthy and always up to date with all of her vaccinations and is well groomed. She is gentle, comforting and will make you smile. Marmalade is waiting to meet you and anxious to become your pal! Her owner and handler, Pam Florian is our Right at Home Program Care Coordinator.

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