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Congratulations to Holly Kreis, Right at Home’s caregiver of the month for June 2018!

June 2018 Caregiver of the Month Holly Kreis

Right at Home is pleased to announce Right at Home’s Caregiver of the Month for the Month of June 2018, Holly Kreis! We congratulate Holly on this special honor and thank her for her love of and devotion to her clients!

Holly builds wonderful, caring relationships with each of her clients. She takes the time to get to know them as individuals and to fully understand their care goals. This allows Holly to assist her clients to the best of her ability. In addition, Holly offers suggestions and engages her clients in activities to encourage ongoing independence. Her clients sense her dedication and devotion and therefore trust and rely on Holly. Frequently families and clients comment to our office staff that Holly stands out as an exceptional caregiver who has made a positive difference in their lives. Holly makes sure that all her clients are receiving the best of care!

Holly is an excellent communicator. She has great verbal and written skills. She communicates effectively with her clients, clients’ families and the Right at Home staff. If she has any concerns or suggestions for ways to improve the life of a client, she will call and update the Right at Home office staff. Moreover, Holly does not shy away from taking on some of the more challenging and advanced cares of clients. She is a seasoned and competent caregiver, which allows her to detect and communicate any change of condition about her clients. When appropriate, she notes all relevant changes about her clients’ day-to-day physical and mental health which alerts staff and family to potential health issues. Holly is detailed-oriented and safety conscious, ensuring her clients’ environment is secure.

Thank you, Holly, for providing compassionate and top-notch care to your clients! We appreciate your devotion to your clients as well as to Right at Home! We are proud to have you on our Caring Team!

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