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Right at Home Menomonee Falls is Committed to Providing Quality Home Care

Client satisfaction is critical to the success of our company. Our goal is to deliver 5 star service to our clients each and every day, during every single shift.  If our clients feel we provide the absolute best service and truly improve their daily lives, it is our hope they will recommend our services to others. Word of mouth referrals are key to the success of any business; however, this is especially true when it comes to the very personal business of senior home care.

We strive to improve the quality of life for those we serve.  If we meet and exceed this daily goal, we will have not only satisfied clients but ecstatic clients who will continue allowing us to assist them as well as share our information with others.

We find the most successful foundation to client satisfaction is excellent communication. That starts with the first conversation we have with client and family and remains through our entire relationship. We seek clear understanding of the needs that exist and discuss clearly and openly how we will meet those needs. We communicate honestly and frequently with clients and caregivers to ensure all expectations are not only being met, but exceeded. By understanding the expectations of our clients, we can work toward the best care outcomes possible.  For example, our caregivers understand the importance of reliability in home care; however, we are honest and open about the possibility of a caregiver missing a shift due to illness, etc.  We proactively discuss these possibilities with clients and offer plans to manage these challenges before they happen. We offer back up plans as well as fully developed care teams so that should one member of the team step away, another member can step up and fill in, knowing the client fully.

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Read what our clients have to say:

"When one of the caregivers can't make an appearance, the office immediately puts someone in their place. They also keep me informed with documents." - Percy

"They take the pressure off of my wife. In a sense, they replace my wife, so that she can have a break." - Ray

"She managed John and we could share the same difficulties with her, and she did the best job she could. It was a good relationship, and that is a mark of a good caregiver."

"They are personable and I like them a lot. They are always on time and punctual, I don't have to worry about my father." - Rudy

"They are excellent. They are very responsive, communication is really good. Their people were on time and dependable. They did everything they were supposed to."

"They made a huge difference. My spouse and I are both working and occasionally we had to go do things or travel for business, we could not have done it without them."


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