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Here at Right at Home, we're dedicated to being much more than a franchise company. We are the navigator of what comes next for seniors and adults with disabilities. Our mission has always been to improve the quality of life for those we serve.  That means it's always about the people we serve, and our dedicated local owners and their professional teams work tirelessly to care for clients. Though we make sure our franchises live and breathe our mission every day, we recognize that it starts with our corporate team.

These are the people who work behind the scenes to bring you and your loved ones the highest caliber of inhome care.

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Caregiver of the Year 2021

Brenda Montgomery

Brenda's personal experience with caring for their mother who was a cancer patient, as well as working as a CNA for 10 years at a major hospital, led Brenda to care for seniors at Right at Home. Since then, Brenda has shown us all, clients included, that she is in the RIGHT place. Devoted and tireless when it comes to bringing a smile to client's faces, Brenda can be counted on to provide support no matter the situation. Caregiving is strong in Brenda’s faith, and believes we all have something to contribute to this world on a daily basis. It is obvious in Brenda’s actions and demeanor that caregiving is this caregiver's ministry, and we are lucky she has chosen to work with Right at Home!

Brenda goes above and beyond basic caregiving duties to ensure clients are cared for in the manner in which they deserve. Brenda is very dedicated, hardworking, and has an amazing commitment to clients. Families all have heartwarming reviews of her. We have received many thanks for matching Brenda with the right clients to enhance their days that can be so full of stress and emotion. They count on Brenda for being positive, sweet, soft spoken, patient, and caring when interacting with themselves and their loved ones. Brenda was able to provide uninterrupted, vital care to their client during the pandemic, not missing a shift. Brenda has also been asked to be present to provide peace and comfort with loved ones as they transition to end of life. Brenda is a stable and grounding force during these emotional times.

Brenda proudly wears the Right at Home t-shirt while out in the community, and wears her nametag to each shift. Brenda has referred several church members to Right at Home for caregiving positions, as well as referred a community member in need of services. She is always dressed conservatively and emanates respect and professionalism in front of clients, their families, and others in the community.

Brenda ensures the care team knows they can count on her for warmhearted advice and encouraging remarks on providing a superior care experience to the client. Based on personal experience, years of caregiving, and knowing the client's history, Brenda is able to form unique relationships with clients and able to transfer information/best practices with each client to teammates. Brenda’s demeanor is positive, patient, and warm, and teammates find it very easy to approach her to discuss client care to provide the best possible outcome. Brenda has worked for Right at Home for 8 years and in that time, has only missed a small handful of scheduled shifts, due to emergency reasons. This has taken stress off of her peers to fill any open shifts with their clients.

During the pandemic, Brenda provided uninterrupted companionship and personal care assistance to a client while they lived in an Assisted Living Facility. Due to staffing shortages and lack of housekeeping, Brenda brought in necessary supplies (cleaning products, sanitizers, etc) to keep the client safe and healthy. The Assisted Living Facility team ensured Brenda remained in the facility during the duration of the pandemic, providing daily COVID-19 testing so she could provide continuity of excellent care to client, as well as assisting the facility to keep client under their care. Client had a hospital stay during this time and Brenda remained with client, as family was nowhere nearby. The client's family was incredibly appreciative of the care their family member received during this time, as well as being thankful for the extra set of eyes and ears they needed to communicate with their family member.

Brenda Montgomery Caregiver of the Year 2021 Brenda Montgomery Caregiver of the Year 2021

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