Forever Friends

This is the story of forever friends from 50th Street in Brooklyn!

Three men playing backyard footballFrom the sandbox, to the sandlot, to the stoop, to the corner soda shop. From Staten Island to Long Island, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia and San Francisco!

Through grammar school, the service, weddings, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Through life’s ups and downs - friends for over 85 years!

Can you imagine saying goodbye?

The smiles, the laughter, the milestone occasions, the pain, the sorrow and sadness all shared by these wonderful men for over eight decades.

Three men playing baseballThis is the story of my Dad and his friends; they just lost one of their crew! How lucky and blessed they have been to have each other through thick and thin.

It is heartbreaking, lump in your throat, not able to speak, quivering lip, reverberating pain in my head to hear this news. Me, owner of a home care company who tries to give people the best quality of life in their twilight years!

2 senior menUnfortunately, I lose clients who become part of my Right at Home of Central New Jersey family. I understand the pain when you lose a loved one. I understand the anger when they are not themselves. I understand that they have had a full life full of tall tales and that no matter how old, we never want to say goodbye! Trust me when I say I care for your loved one like I care for my own family. This is why I do what I do as does every member of my Right at Home of Central New Jersey staff - the core of my Right at Home family. We hope to add you to our family circle!

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